Bates Motel Season 5 – Episode 2 – The Convergence of the Twain – Recap

bates-motel-5 This week’s episode raised the bar. Let’s dig in.

NORMAN had a visitor – Madeleine Loomis from the hardware store. She wanted to set him up on a date so he could join her and her husband Sam for dinner in the Village. Norman isn’t interested at first but when Maddie adds that she’ll also be there, but with her husband, Norman agrees to tag along. When Norman turns up for dinner he gets a surprise. Sam Loomis is very familiar to Norman – he’s the guest who wanted to rent the room for the afternoon. While Norman tries to swallow down his glee at having something to blackmail Sam with, we can all see the tension between him and Sam. It makes for compelling viewing; and when Sam steps to Norman to warn him to keep quiet, it almost makes him wet his pants with excitement.

Later, we see Norma at a bar drowning her sorrows about how she has an abysmal life. The bartender is chatting it up, and then the camera cuts to the mirror and we see that it’s actually Norman in full-momma madness mode, downing drinks like it was water. Over in a corner of the bar the camera focusses on Chick; making notes about Norman’s behaviour. Caleb walks in and Chick faces off with him about how Caleb ruined his business.

What do you reckon, Chick will tell the authorities that Norman is one french fry short of a full plate and then swoop in and take over the Motel? I wouldn’t think so.

Back in Prison, we catch up with former Sheriff Romero, pissed off that his parole was denied again, and the henchman he’d sent to kill Norman had failed. Romero gets a visit from Norman, who more than let’s him know that his henchman is very dead, and Romero will be next if he doesn’t play nice. We later see Romero in a brawl with another inmate over nothing in particular, which leads to an impassioned plea from Romero to be moved closer to his deceased Wife’s family so he can have some comfort. How long do you think it’ll take before there’s a showdown between Norman and Romero?

Chick also brought Norman a gift for his mummification project. Norman seemed in another world while Chick was talking to him. There was a discussion about Chick repairing the freezer for Norman, and doing odd jobs around the house. My theory is Norman will be the next odd job for Chick.

The final scene stole the whole episode:

Caleb, incensed over Norma’s supposed suicide races to the house and searches for Norman. He gets to the basement and finds Norma’s mummified remains. Norman appears in full Norma mode; a blond wig and a dress, and knocks Caleb unconscious; just as Chick entered the basement.

‘Norma’ turns to chick and says, now you know; I’m still alive.

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