The Catch Season 2 – Family Way

the-catch-tv-seriesDanny and Margot got horizontal. Tommy was taken away by the Feds. Reece and Ben are duped by the Diplomat-kid-diamond smuggler Jessie when Reece was cut with a knife coated in puffer fish poisonous venom.

Alice and Ben hold each other at gunpoint then make a truce when they focus on getting their hands on three million dollars courtesy of Margot. She realises its suddenly really complicated. Alice tells her Reece is going to die if she doesn’t give Ben three million dollars and Tommy needs the money too.

Reece is being his usual self and making deals with Jessie even though he’s enduring a slow death by venom. Margot agrees to come up with the cash. Agent Diaz drove the Diplomat home and realised she wasn’t the smuggler and Jessie can be arrested now he doesn’t have Diplomatic immunity. The Feds charge Tommy for murdering the Kincaids. Nick turns up with Val and breaks the bad news to Alice.

Ben comes back to the house and finds Reece looking well again, with Jessie and his sidekick Umi. Reece gives the cash to Jessie and the deal is on. Alice finds her apartment broken into and smashed up. Tommy is there with a gun. He’s not in jail, and he’s been drinking. He demands to know where the money is. Tommy got out, and had called Ethan; a big time friend of the Mayor who owns most of the real estate downtown. Alice tells Val about it and says she’s pretending not to know about it so she doesn’t owe Ethan any favours.

Danny and Sophie are awkward after he slept with Margot. Tommy turns up at the office and Sophie’s furious with him. Agent Diaz turns up at Ben’s and points out that they work for her. She tells them to reopen the restaurant and sign for the giant bluefin with diamonds inside, and then she’ll swoop in. Back at the restaurant, the fish arrives and Ben cuts it open. The diamonds are gone.

At a meeting, Margot is playing footsie under the table, making Danny squirm. A stolen handbag carried by Margot’s mystery assassin is the focus of their next case.

Danny and Margot get frisky but Ben arrives, furious that Margot stole the diamonds. Danny hides in the shower and overhears their discussion about how Ben ruined Margot’s life.

Tasker calls Alice and changes the terms of their arrangement now that Tommy’s a liability, out on bail. Ethan turns up to see Alice, and it’s awkward, she tells him Tommy’s in trouble and asks if Ethan still has friends at the SEC.

Sophie has a weird connection with The Hammer. They’re at a Hotel tracking down the stolen handbag-carrying assassin. They call Val and manage to get into the Hotel room and discover whomever is in it has been tracking Margot for a long time, given the extensive photos on her room’s wall. She hears them in the room and escapes on a motorcycle. When Val tells Margot they’ve found her would be killer; Alice goes to meet with Tasker to negotiate Tommy’s freedom, and Tommy warns her he’ll have bodyguards and weapons. He waits in her office.

Ben and Reece tell Agent Diaz the diamonds were stolen. They don’t tell her it was Margot. Diaz comes up with a plan to lure Jessie into the open and find out if he stole the diamonds by pretending to be concerned about his Mom. Ben takes photos of them and shows them to Umi, Jessie’s partner. Double cross.

Ben shows Jessie photos of Reece and Umi, then they play them off each other. Alice goes to the meet but Tasker shows up with an entourage. Tasker gets a phone call from his business Manager – all their assets are frozen and under review by the SEC. Alice gets a confession to the murder of the Kincaids and Nick swoops in with the FBI. Diaz asks who stole the diamonds.

Alice meets with Ethan and returns the bail money he paid, and asks him not to contact Tommy again. He asks if she’s happy, and says its all he ever wanted.

Umi takes Reece to the restaurant to get the diamonds and Jessie arrives with Ben just as Umi discovers that the fish is empty. Agent Diaz rushes in after Jessie admits he’s running the operation and the FBI arrest them both.

Nick arrives at Alice’s office to collect the millions Tommy took from the Cartel. It’s gone.  Tommy left a note for Alice, saying he’s sorry, but she turns up at the airport just in time. He says he can’t change, and takes the money, and she tells him not to call or ever come back.

Alice’s Team recreated the photo wall seen at the mystery woman’s Hotel room. Danny remembers hearing Margot talk about ‘the Rectory’ and they decide to set a trap, and they plan to make her go to the vault to steal the money, so they can arrest her.

Val, Danny, Margot and Alice storm into the vault just as the mystery woman is poised to steal the cash. Margot asks what do you want. The woman takes off her headscarf and asks if Margot recognises her.

The mystery woman is Margot’s daughter.

We saw that coming, too.

Try harder next week, The Catch.





Scandal Season 6 – A Stomach For Blood

olivia-pope-scandalIf you’re still reeling from last week’s shock shooting of Huck, this week’s episode gave us Abby’s point of view of the Election night and maybe explains why she’s behind Huck’s demise. Let’s recap:

After Frankie Vargas was shot, Abby was whisked away with the President in their bulletproof car. Fitz has to give her a pep talk because she’s so shocked by Vargas’s shooting that she’s zombied out.

Once she’s back in the security of the Oval, she gets a call. She says ‘You shot him! No, no. Listen to me. What?’ and we get the impression its the big bad manipulating her, just like they’re doing to Rowan – threatening Olivia’s life, or worse.

We get a flashback to Abby’s humdrum existence planning Fitz’s legacy one day. They discuss how women are shameless, dressing inappropriately in the vain hope Fitz will notice them.

Abby goes to a business lunch, but it seems like she’s just going through the motions and then the camera turns and we see its the same people who threatened Rowan who are seated with her. Abby is stunned when they offer her three hundred million dollars in a PAC account for her to use for the President. They get her confused by highlighting how she’s dancing to Fitz’s tune, and has no real life of her own. They offer her the money to tell them about her ideas, vision, point of view, and says they are the ones that listen. and she’s got potential. Abby asks what strings are attached. Mr Paez and his side-kick ask her about running for President. He says she doesn’t fit here, and is not a politician.  Abby declines the offer and leaves the table.

Abby later has a hotel rendezvous with boyfriend Leo, and she’s mulling over the offer. Then, we cut to her giving Cyrus a two thousand dollar bottle of bourbon, and she asks how did Cyrus know Vargas was the one person he could be sure would run for President; and we realise she’s seriously considering the offer. Cyrus points out how painful it’ll be once she leaves Fitz and the Oval. A piece of her will always be with Fitz.

Fitz catches her in the Oval staring at a photo of the two of them. He asks her to run his Foundation, and to join him in a new life and to have a house in Vermont. Abby goes off on him, about setting loftier goals for his life post-Presidency. He says he just wants to take some time for himself after being manipulated by people with their own agenda. Abby tells him Olivia’s not going to Vermont with him, and it cuts him, deep, and he dismisses her. Abby goes to her office and calls the number given her at lunch -tells Mr Paes she’s in.

When Frankie Vargas is announced as the next POTUS Abby gets a phone call advising her to expect a phone call with further instructions in a few minutes. Vargas is shot and then she gets the call in her office. The instructions are to lock down the hospital where Vargas’s body is being moved. She’s told the money they gave her came from a laundering operation and the authorities haven’t been notified yet but if she doesn’t co-operate……

Abby realises what she’s got herself into.

She gives an Assistant paperwork and tells her to make sure it gets to Fitz, then goes to the war room where the strategy to take down the shooter is taking place. The paperwork has instructions for Abby to go to the hospital where Vargas was taken and to lock it down. Abby heads off there and we see Huck’s girlfriend Meg dressed as a Nurse, who tells Abby to swap the bullets in Vargas or they’ll kill Leo, and she is shown a video feed of him tied up and bloody, being beaten. Abby agrees.

Abby calls Fitz and tells him Vargas is dead, and they argue about when to make the official announcement, then Abby calls in the Major to do the post mortem and he stalls, and insists on waiting for the official notification from Fitz, but Abby blackmails him with a threat to move him to a remote place of work if he doesn’t co-operate. He starts the post mortem and Abby gets him removed from the room by Secret Service Agents so she can swap the bullets, then gives them to Meg as instructed.

Next, Abby is called back to the Oval. Olivia presents the voicemail that Jennifer Fields left on the FBI tip line claiming it was Cyrus who shot Vargas. Abby arranges for Jake to frame an innocent guy as Vargas’s shooter to get Cyrus off the hook for it. Next, Abby goes to David Rosen’s on a Sunday to ask a favour. Then, Samantha tracks her down to David’s house and persuade Abby not to intervene with their plans. Then, big reveal, the woman manipulating Abby is posing as ‘Samantha’ and she’s David’s girlfriend. Abby backs down.

We see Huck approach Abby about a deal. Tells her Jennifer’s alive, and we understand now that this is how Jennifer got eliminated – by Huck’s fake girlfriend; Abby gave her up.

Abby goes to see Cyrus and he tells her Tom’s innocent. She tells him she’s not giving up on him, then she goes to make a deal with ‘Samantha’ and Mr Paes in exchange for Cyrus’s release. She gives up Jennifer Fields and they release Cyrus. Then, we finish with the recap of Huck and Jennifer being shot. However, when Abby meets with ‘Samantha’ and ‘Meg’ and asks ‘what about Huck?’ – Meg says ‘don’t worry. He won’t know it was you behind this.’

Huck wasn’t meant to be eliminated, so why did ‘Meg’ shoot him?

We noticed that Meg missed all his vital organs, or was that the plan, just to scare him?

Stay tuned.



Bates Motel Final Season – Episode 6 – Marion


bates-motel-5Norman gives Marion Crane some much needed relationship advice, acknowledges that he’s losing his mind, and shows compassion to his brother Dylan all in one episode. Not to forget the big reveal about Sam Loomis’s affair. Let’s recap:

After Emma saw the article about Norma’s suicide, she finally showed it to Dylan. In disbelief that Norman hid it from him, he insists Norma wouldn’t have done that, but Norman claims she tried to kill them both and the Authorities believe it.

Marion turns up at the Motel and checks in, then sends Sam a text message. When she gets him on the phone she hears Madeleine in the background, and demands to know what’s going on. Sam fumbles his excuse and hangs up. Marion takes a shower and then goes to the Motel office. Asks Norman to check the registry to see if Sam left his address so she can go there. Norman spills the beans that Sam’s married and he’s met his Wife, who is lovely. He advises Marion to forget about him because he lied to them both, and she goes to his house in time to witness his argument with Madeleine.

Marion smashes up Sam’s car and he runs out into the street, Madeleine in tow; just as Marion drives back to the Motel to check out. Norman comforts her after hearing her discovery and encourages her to leave, even advising her to toss her phone and change cars. She leaves.

Meanwhile, Sam pitches up at the Motel and lets himself into the room. He takes a shower. As Norma tells Norman that Sam’s a bad man, even worse than Norman’s Father, who abused them both and beat them, Norman works himself up into a frenzy. He goes to Sam’s room.

Norman stabs him to death.

There were a few reveals this week: Norman is fully aware of the hold Norma has had on his psyche, and repeatedly tells her that he made her up, and she’s not real. Norma smashes the crockery until Norman concedes that she’s real. He goes to help Marion pack her bags and get out of dodge before Norma resurfaces. Norman can feel her crawling over his psyche and gaining strength, but he’s the strong one now, and fights it off, helping Marion to her car with the bag of money. Maybe his run in with his former Psychiatrist opened some crevices in the sane part of Norman’s mind, because he’s spouted wisdom all episode.

If there’s one disappointment, as soon as Sam got into the Motel room I knew what was going to happen, as did you, of course, but it was still well done.


Grey’s Anatomy – Til I Hear It From You

greys-main-13Nathan tells Mer he thinks about her a lot, and she should think about it, then give him a call. She confides in Alex, and he tells her she should go for it because she’s hot. Maggie is moaning about he Mother’s obsession about he breasts, without realising that she has breast cancer, and is not just having cosmetic surgery.

Owen has to work with Amelia on an elderly hiker who comes in injured, Her husband is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He starts giving orders and Owen makes Andrew carry them out. Nathan sees Mer, and asks her about their thing. Mer says she’s got three kids and is a surgeon, and what’s to think about. He’s not giving up, and he invites her to have dinner with him.

Later, Owen presses Amelia to discuss why she doesn’t want children, or to continue their marriage but she remains silent. The patient has a brain bleed which is fatal, and she died. Stephanie feels disheartened that they lost the patient. Andrew thinks he’s in love with Jo.

Jackson treats Maggie’s Mom for her mastectomy. He does a pre-op and asks about having Maggie present, and she confesses she hasn’t told Maggie. Jackson tries to convince her to tell Maggie about the surgery. When Maggie pries, Jackson doesn’t disclose the details of her Mom’s case. He makes Jo promise not to reveal anything to Maggie in exchange for working on the Mom. Maggie gets access to her Mom’s chart, and its a shock. Mer is right there with her, looking at the breast scans.

After Richard catches Arizona in a lip-lock with Minnick, its awkward between them. He needs time to process.




The Catch – Season 2 – The Dining Hall

the-catch-tv-seriesThis week’s episode sees Tommy meet with Reece to recover the three million dollars in his account, complete with a new identity. Reece agrees, and asks if Alice is going to be cool with him disappearing. Alice said the Southland Cartel money is drugs money, and its only a matter of time before the FEDS turn up and arrest him, or the Cartel kill him.

Alice calls Ben for a favour. Ben tells her about how he lost the mark, who ran back to Japan. Meanwhile, Tommy leaves a goodbye note for her.

Sophie checks the bank account and the three million is gone. He planted the key tracker while he had access to Alice’s network. Margot has a new lead for them. Danny and Sophie go see her, and The Hammer opens the door. Margot’s hired him to protect her now.

Agent Diaz turns up at Ben’s, upset the mark has run off to Japan. They look at surveillance footage from the cameras planted last week and there’s a woman who takes the diamonds from the fish and puts them into a Diplomatic pouch, which means the FBI can’t access it.

A new client walks in looking for Tommy, and Alice explains they can’t help. The client makes a veiled threat and then leaves. Danny does a background check on him and he’s part of the Cartel –  and bad news. Val calls Nick Turner, the Deputy Chief of Police for Los Angeles. Val’s Ex. Val tracks him down at a television studio, and offers him the Southland drug Cartel. Tells him Alice’s brother is in with the Cartel. Offers to give him the collar if he helps bust Tommy out. Nick’s tipped to become Chief soon, and it’s be a sweetener if he gets the collar first.

Ben asks Alice to run the diplomatic plate for him.  We catch up with Tommy in a jewellery Store buying diamond earrings for Sophie. When the gift arrives, they trace Tommy’s location and Alice returns the earrings, and is told Tommy took a call from a man with a British accent. Reece.

Reece and Ben plot their scheme to get their mark before her next shipment of diamonds comes in. Agent Diaz tries to dissuade them to avoid a Diplomatic incident, but they insist and decide to go rogue. Tommy turns up to collect the identity documents and pays Reece. Sophie and Danny head back to Margot. She hacked The Hammer’s last transaction to uncover where the payment was routed from. The Hammer sends proof he’s killed Margot and Sophie arranges to watch the feed for the bank account so they can hack it while its active, and traced the Cartel’s location.

Nick turns up at Val’s office with his file on the Southland Cartel, but no sign of Tommy yet. Alice keeps phoning Ben. He and Reece come up with the idea of inviting all the friends to the party, except Jessie who can’t resist feeling left out. Alice turns up and Reece gives her Tommy’s new identity. Jessie turns up and tells Reece his Mother is the Consul General and knows everyone, and can she come to the party. Reece says yes.

Danny and Sophie stake out the bank while Margot goes in, wearing a ridiculous brown wig, and they play out their plan. Danny’s briefcase has a smoke bomb inside and he gets thrown out by Security while Margot hacked the system. The Hammer sends proof of death, and then wait for the transaction so they can see who pays The Hammer the balance of his fee.

Theo tracks down Tommy in a parking garage and tells him the Kincaids are dead, and were skimming. The bag of money is actually a bag filled with newspapers. Alice turns up and holds Theo at gunpoint. She strikes a deal. 24 hours to recover the money. When they get to Alice’s apartment, Nick’s there with police, and they arrest Tommy to keep him safe from the Cartel.

The dinner party begins. Their mark, Takashi is about to get conned. Jessie takes Takashi towards the exit as she’s drunk, then Jessie tells them he’s the diamond broker, not his Mom.

Danny shows Margot the surveillance footage of the woman who showed up at the Bank to pay The Hammer. She claims not to recognise her, then Danny closes in and they kiss passionately.

Jessie holds Ben and Reece at gunpoint, and Reece makes an offer to get him three million dollars in cash – Tommy’s stash, from the trunk of his car. Ben finds Alice at Reece’s car, about to retrieve the cash so the Cartel won’t kill Tommy.

They face off, each holding the other at gunpoint.

Stay tuned.