How To Get Away With Murder – 2 Part Season Finale is Here !


PART ONE  started with the usual recap: Connor giving Wes CPR and realising he was too late; Wes had been injected with a fatal dose of a drug which killed him. Connor smelt gas and realised the house was going to explode. He ran out of the storm door, just as Laurel opened the door to the basement, and the house exploded. Connor got away in time but Laurel was later dragged out of the burning building by the EMTs.

With Annalise now out on bail, pending a Hearing to determine whether the District Attorney would take her case to trial, time was running out for the Keating Four to come up with a plan to get the charges against Ana dropped. Nate rolled up and played his part in providing Ana with credible evidence which could save her from prison, but she instead questioned his loyalty to her after all her shenanigans. Clearly, he still cared for her. He went to such lengths to prove it by going toe to toe with the D.A. and ended up getting fired, but not before he let the D.A. know that the whole time Nate worked as an investigator for the D.A’s Office he’d collated evidence agains D.A. Denver and his office detailing every corrupt move he’d made. He threatened to go further to prove his point if needed, but the D.A. just fired him and walked away.

As the hour progressed we learnt the Annalise and the D.A. – Denver – had beef going way back. He’d been coming after her for years, but we were never really shown his motives. Ana tries to make a deal – her release in exchange for claiming Wes was mentally unstable (remember the episode where he was held on 24 hour psych eval? came in handy) also made a case that he’d got dark tendencies as a child; first stabbing his own Mother, and later murdering Sam and his own girlfriend; whose body was recently found in the woods. The D.A. isn’t buying it at first but then he succumbs as he knows that the corruption against him would most certainly send him to prison forever, if not worse.

PART TWO was a little more fast paced. Annalise met with Sylvia Mahoney. With Charles now out of prison after the D.A. discovers the evidence putting him in  prison (murdering his own Father in cold blood) was fabricated, Annalise begs Sylvia to call a truce. Forgive each other for transgressions and move on with their lives. Sylvia gives Annalise some home truths we never saw coming.

Remember the episode where we thought Wes’s Mom was raped by Wallace Mahoney and he was Wes’s Father – not so. CHARLES, was Wes’s Father. Sylvia explained she didn’t do the DNA test on Wes so who did?

Minor titbits: Asher confessed he loves Michaela. Oliver proposed to Connor. Frank was released as it was now clear that he didn’t murder Wes. He prostrates himself in front of Annalise to beg her to let him help her with whatever she needs. A confused Bonnie watches. Annalise stays silent.

Laurel got it into her head that the only way to make the D.A. drop the charges against Annalise was to kill Charles Mahoney herself. After she perjured herself on the witness stand after it emerged she signed an affidavit stating she falsely claimed to have been kidnapped as a teenager – her Father had conned her into signing the paperwork by claiming it was something to do with a property deal. She signed her life away the moment she put pen to paper. Meanwhile, the D.A. got a visit from Connor who decided to take the immunity deal through guilt in not being able to revive Wes.

Oliver managed to hack the ADA’s home computer after Nate gave Ana the code. He found her phone records which gave them a repeated phone number. It was traced to the D.A. Denver. Asher phones the number. It rings. Michaela phones Connor just as he’s in the DA’s office waiting to sign the immunity papers. A phone rings – Connor goes in Denver’s desk and answers the call – hears Asher on the line. Now the Keating Four know Denver is behind everything. Connor is taken into solitary custody while Denver tries to convince him to sign the deal or Denver will frame him for Wes’s murder; and he produces Wes’s phone.

In flashback, we seen on the night of the fire that Wes was assaulted by an assailant who injected him with a fatal dose of drugs. He was paralysed and crawled on the floor until the assailant suffocated him. He took the body to the basement and cut the gas line, and then sat outside the house in his car to watch the house explode. He saw Connor running from the house before it exploded but he didn’t see Laurel go into the house. The assailant makes a call to Laurel’s Father to tell him its’ done but it got messy.

Laurel’s Father clearly didn’t approve of her relationship with Wes – but he doesn’t know that Laurel’s pregnant. He hired the assailant who turns out to be a family friend of Laurel’s and bumps into her just as she’s about to shoot Charles Mahoney. They embrace and he tells Laurel he’s in the City for work. Laurel introduces Dominic to Asher and Michaela (who has just admitted she loves Asher too) and Charles drives away in a taxi.

Annalise went to an AA meeting and poured her heart out about how she lost her baby in a car accident, and recently lost a student she felt compelled to protect after his Mother was killed; and how she felt close to her student. So close that she saw him as her own son.


How To Get Away With Murder returns in the fall.