Grey’s Anatomy – Back Where You Belong

greys-main-13 Alex Korev returned to work to find everything had changed since he’d been in prison awaiting trial for assaulting Andrew over a misunderstanding between his then girlfriend Jo and Andrew. Alex now knows Jo is married to an abusive man who she is in hiding from, and that’s the only reason she rejected Alex’s proposal.

This week’s episode recap:

Amelia returned to Meredith’s house but insisted she was just crashing there to avoid her husband. Arizona realised she was attracted to Eliza Minnick, and the two kissed.  Bailey came over to Mer’s to make nice. She offered Mer her job back but she declined unless Richard was reinstated, which put Bailey on the spot. Richard came to see Mer to try and convince her to come back to work and that he could take care of his own career but Mer explained that her Mother had instilled to her that Richard came first when it comes to career. She was simply following in her Mother’s footsteps. Being an extraordinary person. However, Richard put her right on that score and insisted Ellis Grey would never have put Richard before her career.

Maggie bonded with Nathan over a case where he opened up a little about his past. There was a moment between them but I think we’ll see the impact of this in next weeks’ episode. My feeling on this is that Maggie still has a crush on Nathan, and he seems to be warming up to the idea of dating her, at least.