Scandal – Season 6 – The Belt

We open with Cyrus arriving at the prison and being booked in for Frankie Vargas’s murder.

Over at OPA, Olivia and Mellie are celebrating her Presidency; dancing to music and drinking red wine. Olivia says until Mellie gets sworn in she’s not actually the next President of the United States.  Meanwhile, Huck is busy combing through the Vargas footage. Campaign staffer Meg Mitchell has caught his eye.

Marcus tells the Press about Cyrus’s arrest for Vargas’s assassination, and they ask whether the Death Penalty will be applied. The FBI Director, Ms Webster is in David Rosen’s office when Abby storms in, asking David Rosen, Attorney General, not to go for the Death Penalty. Ms Webster tells Abby she’s not the one who makes that decision and they face off, about how Abby speaks for the President and Death Penalty is off the table under President’s orders.

Cyrus is taken for his  exercise, a ‘walk’ in another cell, and sees Tom in the opposite cell. He begs to talk with Tom but the guard spits in Cyrus’s face and warns him to keep his mouth shut otherwise he’ll be moved into gen pop with the nastiest criminals. A prisoner opposite Cyrus tells him how he ate his family, and wants another kill in exchange, he tells Cyrus how to get leverage on the guard.

Abby gets a visit from Elizabeth North, and demands that she tells David that the Death Penalty is off the table. Abby offers her a job if she gives Cyrus a message. Elizabeth goes to visit Cyrus and tells him about the overwhelming, negative Public response to the news he murdered Vargas. She gives him the message about the Death Penalty being off the table. Cyrus tells her Tom is in the same Prison, and can she give Tom a letter for him. She’s not interested at first, but Cyrus practically begs. He says he needs to turn Tom and convince him Cyrus loves him, and it’ll make him recant the case against Cyrus.

OPA establish that Tom rented a car on the election night. OPA try and track his movements to see if he was near Vargas that night.

Huck visits Meg Mitchell at home and installs security locks in her apartment as she’s worried Jenny’s murderer will come after her next. He teaches her self-defence. At OPA, Huck asks everyone who killed Jenny. Everyone realises nobody has been charged with Jenny’s murder. They have to prove Tom blew up Jennifer’s cabin first, to tie him into Vargas’s assassination.

Cyrus leverages inside knowledge on one of the guards in exchange for pen, paper, and better treatment. Later, the guard gives Cyrus what he wants. He writes the letter to Tom and gives it to Elizabeth when she next visits. Later, he gets a visit from Michael who wants a divorce and full custody of their child. He threatened Elizabeth unless she shows him the letter Cyrus wrote to Tom. Michael’s angry.

Fitz is in bed with Ms Webster. They look very cozy as they discuss Cyrus’s case. He’s furious Abby told David to take the Death Penalty off the table, under President’s orders. He tears Abby a new asshole in front of David and FBI Director Ms Webster. Fitz orders Abby to stay away from the case, under President’s orders. Fitz later makes a Press statement that he supports the Death Penalty and it will be applied for Cyrus. Later, the guard lets Cyrus out for some fresh air and the guard lets the other convicts who voted for Vargas beat him up. He ends up in the infirmary.

Cyrus hallucinates that he is sworn in as the next President of the United States but then realises in the oval that it’s actually Mellie who is President. Cyrus is patched up, and makes a call to Olivia to stress that he told Tom not to harm a hair on Frankie Vargas’s head, and that it was all Tom who did this. Tells her to trust her gut, and that she knows Cyrus the best. She says it’s gone to far, and at some point the bill has to be paid. His time is up. Stop being a monster and be a man, a man he can be proud of. He says he’s going to die in there. Olivia says she’ll always be his friend but she will never speak to him again, and hangs up on him.

At breakfast, Cyrus asks the guard for his belt so he can hang himself. The prisoner opposite, Ralph the cannibal, hears the whole conversation. The guard agrees to pin it on a guard he can’t stand Ralph agrees to blame it on the other guard. It’s set for when the guard finishes his shift, and it looks like Cyrus is going to hang himself.

Huck asks Meg if they are more than business clients, and she kisses him. Abby phones him mid-kiss with an update on Tom – he wasn’t anywhere near Frankie Vargas or the election that night, he was 600 miles away. Its confirmed. Further examination of Tom’s bank accounts show he was paid 2 million dollars to confess to the assassination.

OPA realise Cyrus and Tom are innocent.

Cyrus overthrows the guard with Ralph’s help and get his keys. Then, the guard stands and watches as Cyrus gets the inmate to kill Tom with the belt.

Tom tells Cyrus they are both innocent.