Grey’s Anatomy – It Only Gets Much Worse

April has been asked to fill in for Mer now she’s been suspended. Her first task is to assign a procedure to a resident, who will cover an entire surgery from start to finish. She has to give Richard the news that Dr Warren will be performing the surgery he was expecting to, and he is angry, and asks April to assign it to Dr Bailey instead. April begs, and then he agrees. Everyone can’t believe April agreed to cover Mer’s job, given the reason why Mer was suspended.

Stephanie rolls up for her solo surgery but the patient has just died. Minnick takes her to the Pit so they can find another surgery she can do from start to finish and they find one of Arizona’s paediatric patients. Steph botches the surgery and he dies. [Maybe this is why Stephanie leaves the hospital.]

Jackson corners Richard about April and says they should go to Catherine about it, but Bailey already decided that April would cover Mer, and is backing up Dr Minnick. Jackson can’t believe his Mom is not backing up Richard on this.

April scrubs in on one of Mer’s surgeries and the patient crashes. Now she’s too unstable for the surgery and Maggie takes it out on April, who later tells Maggie she can leave as its her OR.

Bailey decides to observe Warren’s surgery. Richard is annoyed, feels ganged up on. Bailey feels Richard’s wrath about how she brought in Minnick, and it was down to Catherine’s intervention. Warren performs his solo surgery while Bailey and Richard argue about Catherine’s decision to bring in Minnick.

Minnick is challenged by Arizona over surgery on a child, she feels Stephanie isn’t qualified to perform a solo surgery.

Over lunch, they discuss the April situation, and Owen is the peace keeper. Jackson challenges April about covering Mer’s job, she sees it as an opportunity, but Jackson says she chose incorrectly and shouldn’t have taken the job. He says his Mom manipulated the situation so Bailey would choose April, not that April is good enough for the Chief of Surgery position. Catherine later admits it was down to Bailey that she got the job, as Bailey pushed for April to get it.

Arizona tracks down Minnick when she storms off after the patient’s death. Minnick is in the on-call room, crying. Minnick admits that she’s never had a patient die on her table; especially a child. She’s traumatized, and Arizona finds some respect for her, and instead empathises rather than being angry with her for it. Later, she sees Minnick crying her in her car, and goes to her.

April gets the cancer out of Mer’s patient without Maggie’s help. She’s furious. Stephanie runs it by Richard about what she could have done to save the patient who bled out on her table. Richard consoles her, says none of the other surgeons caught the bleeding either, and not to blame herself. Then, he goes with her to tell the parents.