Scandal – Season 6 – Fates Worse Than Death

olivia-pope-scandalOh, boy. Scandal kicked things up a notch this week. Let’s dig in.

The episode opened with Michael and Cyrus playing happy families until Abby phones Cyrus and tells him to lock the doors and shut himself in the house. He turns on the news and there’s a live broadcast from the White House about how Fitz has opened an investigation into Vargas’s murder and how Cyrus Bean is part of that investigation. Cyrus if furious, then in flashback we see how Jennifer Fields was part of what went down on #electiongate.

Frankie Vargas had brought her on-board as the videographer for his Campaign so everything could be documented. Cyrus had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure nobody was close to Frankie, only for this woman to show up. Rightfully, he was suspicious of her from the start. Frankie had to convince Cyrus that she was a good addition to the Team.

Only Tom, blast from the bitter past, turned up demanding to meet with Cyrus; threatening to expose everything Cyrus had done in the past. It didn’t look good for him.

In flashback, we saw how Tom later met with Cyrus in the woods, and Cyrus had brought a gun with him. Whether it was for self defence or to kill Tom wasn’t clear, but Tom got the upper hand and put the gun into Cyrus’s mouth. Tom walked away after a lecture on how he was on top now and no longer Cyrus’s dog, and then Cyrus pooped his pants I reckon. He immediately told Michael that Tom was back, and Michael was horrified. Fitz makes Cyrus and offer: avoid the death penalty if you step down. Cyrus says if Mellie also steps down, he will. Fitz is silent as Cyrus leaves the car.

Meanwhile, Huck tracked down a friend of Jennifer’s who told him she was intimate with Vargas, and then the friend showed Huck a photo of Jennifer all beaten up and hinted someone menacing did it. Tom !

Huck goes back to the office and tells Olivia and her associates it must have been Tom after satellite images show he was in the area that night. They track Tom’s movements on the night of the election and boom. Tom’s in front of Fitz, having confessed to Vargas’s murder. Cyrus is arrested, and David Rosen reads him his rights. For some reason we flashback to the moment when Cyrus tries to convince Frankie Vargas that David Rosen would be the perfect running mate for his Campaign as David has already been vetted. Vargas had convinced Cyrus to run as Vice-President elect.

Elizabeth North turns up at Cyrus’s house and demands he makes her his Chief of Staff. He agrees, then sends her to Fitz with a message that he accepts the offer Fitz made – he will step down rather than face the death penalty for Vargas’s murder.

The episode ended with Olivia telling Mellie the College electorate had no choice but to vote for her now that Cyrus was in handcuffs.

Why do I not believe her?



How To Get Away With Murder – Go Cry Somewhere Else

the-thursday-hotlist-tv-divaGood Lord, what in the hell is this? Let’s recap this week’s episode.

Flashbacks revealed that on the night of the fire, Frank had followed Wes out of the police precinct, convinced him to get into his car to talk, Wes got a call from Annalise asking him to come to the house, he stormed out of Frank’s car and then took a taxi to Annalise’s house. Nate was on the stairs coming down when Wes arrived at the house. They said ‘hey’ to each other. Laurel hadn’t arrived at the house yet, nor had any of the Keating Five or Bonnie or Oliver.

Annalise’s Mom and her boyfriend arrived in Court to hear Annalise’s latest application for release on bail. Bonnie tried her hardest but the Judge denied the application. Afterwards, a confused Momma tells Annalise she burned the house down with her Father inside because he molested Annalise when she was thirteen years old. When Momma excuses herself to go to the restroom, Annalise confronts the boyfriend about how her Momma has dementia. The boyfriend says she has good days and bad days, and Ana confronts him further about denying her knew his own Brother molested her.

Meanwhile, Wes’s memorial was taking place. Laurel was discharged from hospital just in time to make the eulogy. After, Laurel breaks away from the Keating Four so she can demand to see Wes’s body as she never got a chance to say goodbye and she’s carrying his baby. Her request is refused but she’s directed to approach the D.A.’s office to ask permission to view the remains.

Nate arranges for Laurel to see the remains, but when the body bag is opened there’s a different corpse inside. Bonnie is informed, and says it’s proof Annalise is being framed, and then demands that Annalise is released on bail as clearly there is no evidence of a body and the case should be thrown out. The Judge denies bail again, and Bonnie phones Annalise – who hangs up on her. The D.A. calls Nate into the office after his stunt with Laurel and is shown a form that indicates HE was the one who arranged for Wes’s body to be transferred to another morgue. Looks like they’re going to frame Nate as an accessory to murder, or another co-conspirator.

The cellmate facing being separated from her children has a visit from them. It’s awkward; neither of the children want to give their Mom a hug. Later, back in the cell, Annalise goads the inmate into beating her up. Bonnie rushes to see Annalise after she’s put in the infirmary with her face all bruised and cut. She tells Bonnie to take a photograph so she can show the Judge that she’s vulnerable in prison as the inmates know who she is and are targeting her. The Judge agrees to release Ana, but only on bail, even though Frank has already confessed to murdering Wes.

Oliver gets a call from the Police to come in for interview. The Keating Four grill him to prep him for it, and he almost vomits because of nerves. Connor later tells him he’s a good liar, and then Oliver shows him the thumb drive backup of the files from Annalise’s phone.

The big reveal this week was Wes made a phone call while he was in┬áthe taxi en route to Annalise’s house that night. When the person answered the call, he said, “It’s Christoph.”