How To Get Away With Murder – Not Everything’s About Annalise

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterOoooohhhh chile, Annalise cut off her weave this week ! Ana is back in fighting form ! Let’s recap:

Flashbacks showed Charlie had driven Wes to an alley where Wes threatened to tell the Cops Frank killed Sam and Rebecca. They both argued about Laurel, with Wes stating his case that Frank had hurt her and she’d never forgive him for it. Wes also stuck the knife in by claiming he’s more important to Annalise than Frank ever will be after he killed Ana’s son. Frank says he killed Wes’s Father, which only infuriates Wes more.

Meanwhile, Wes leaves the car and starts walking back to the Police Station and Frank phones Bonnie to give him an update. Bonnie says to keep following him.

Middleton University President goes to see Annalise in jail after Michaela guilt-trips her into it. Michaela’s scary gangster side emerges when she schools Oliver in how it’s going to be now Connor’s told him they all had a hand in Sam’s murder. Oliver is so shocked by her that he asks Connor to spoon him –  and to never let go. Awwww !

Nate goes to see Laurel to ask if she’d told Frank about her pregnancy. Laurel refuses to answer and asks him to leave. She phones Bonnie when she learns that Frank has confessed to Wes’s murder. Bonnie refuses to discuss it on the phone. Instead, she gets the Keating Four together and asks Oliver to hack the D.A.’s office. Oliver finds the investigation into all of the murders connected to Annalise. Everyone is stunned that the D.A. has put everything together so quickly. Even worse, they are looking into the discovery of Rebecca’s body. None of them know yet that it was Bonnie who murdered Rebecca.

Annalise is brought to the Police Station. She demands to see her lawyer but the Detectives interview her without Bonnie present. Ana says she killed Sam and JFK and Elvis, and that her confession can’t be used in evidence as her lawyer isn’t present.

Frank’s confession to Wes’s murder can’t be corroborated and the Police are about to release him, but then Frank points them to the surveillance cameras outside the Precinct – he was parked right in front of the cameras all the time he was talking with Wes. The time-stamp on the footage puts Wes out of Annalise’s house for several hours before the explosion; which Frank can’t account for so he remains silent. While he waits to learn his fate, Nate interrupts. He tells Frank that Wes was already dead when the explosion went off. He asks Frank if he was at the house. Asks Frank why he’s covering for Annalise.

Bonnie visits Laurel in hospital after she tells Meggie that they’re not friends now Wes is dead, and she should leave her room. Bonnie convinces Laurel to tell the Police she told Frank about her pregnancy but didn’t think he’d actually murder Wes. She’s sure that she saw Frank leaving the house through the storm door in the basement, and she looks scared for her life – he’s a dangerous man. Ha! At least she didn’t make a call to her Father on this one.

Later, The Detective comes to tell the D.A. they have enough evidence to charge Frank with Wes’s murder and they have to release Annalise but the D.A. says she’s not clear of all charges yet. Frank is charged as a co-conspirator in the murders Annalise is being charged with. Bonnie failed to release Annalise and is devastated.

We cut to Annalise being taunted in the showers and raises her fist in protection. Her cell mate convinces the women to back off, and Annalise gets free. Later in their cell, Ana’s cell mate gives her a razor blade for protection but Ana proceeds to remove her weave.

We all know what happens when Annalise removes her weave. We’ve seen that look in her eyes before.