How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 We’re Bad People

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterAs predicted, the episode delivered a rather subdued performance from Annalise. Bonnie comes to visit. Not good. Decides to defend Annalise’s case in Court starting with her bail hearing. The District Attorney discloses their investigation into a number of unexplained deaths linked to Annalise and her students.

Transferred to County for a bail hearing, which was denied after Bonnie demanded the Prosecution reveal the source of the intel which accuses Annalise of arson and homicide, Annalise was bussed to her new home.

Replete in her prison issue jumpsuit, she curled up into the foetal position most of the episode, trying to avoid using the toilet in front of her two new cell mates.

There were candid flashbacks to times spent with Wes for all the Keating Five (now Four) including Connor who admitted to Wes that he was back in therapy after Sam’s murder, and that Connor talks to his therapist mostly about Oliver. Meanwhile, Oliver is covering his ass and takes a copy of the files he erased from Annalise’s phone the night of the fire.

In one of the flashbacks with Wes we watch a discussion between him and Laurel about her possibly being pregnant as the condom broke one time they were together.

We cut to Frank at the Police Station car park paying off a cop who hands him evidence – the call logs from the night of the fire at Annalise’s. He combs through them with Bonnie but they come up empty-handed, then suddenly find a record of a phone call from Sam’s Sister. Bonnie visits Annalise, and she says she called Hannah and left a drunk lady rant on her answer machine, and that Hannah phoned the Cops that night of the fire, like she knew the house was ablaze…..

Frank goes to visit Laurel and she tells him it should have been him that died in the fire. He later goes to the Police Station to make a statement.

He confesses to killing Wes and setting the house on fire.

Nate gets a call from Bonnie. He meets with her, only to tell her to take the immunity deal and testify against Annalise. Bonnie kicks him out of the car.

Michaela’s Mom skipped town. Let’s see how long before she rolls up again.

Asher pounds into Connor, fists flying, and Michaela is suddenly scared of who she is dating. She later tells him to apologise to Connor, and he does. The two make up while watching a news broadcast about Annalise’s case on tv.

The final two minutes of the episode revealed what happened to Wes. After he heard the message from Annalise asking him to come to the house, he left the Police Station without signing the immunity deal. As he turns the corner he sees Frank in his car, and jumps in.

Then, the screen faded to black.