Scandal Season 6 – Episode 2 – Hardball

scandal-fitz After a tight race and shocking conclusion to the election, flashbacks revealed what happened on the campaign trail and just how far Olivia was willing to go to win.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Abby were faced with an unprecedented national crisis, and the gladiators were determined to get answers.

Why was whistle blower Jennifer Fields murdered?

Remember the exploding cabin? It was hers, and she was found inside – Quinn found a charred hand with a ring still on a finger after she called the FBI tip line and dropped the dime on who assassinated Vargas – Cyrus Bean.

Mellie opens up to Olivia about her feelings for Marcus. Liv warns her that it’s not a good idea to get involved with Marcus as he slept with the Mayor’s Wife, and may only be using Mellie to further his agenda – he was an activist in his pre-Pope and Associates life. Olivia later convinces Abby to offer Marcus the White House Press Secretary position – to break up Mellie and him.  Mellie dumps him when he breaks the news of his new job. She tells him she’s aware he’s using her to get further into politics.

Later, Mellie and Marcus had sex on his desk after they had a moment practising throwing a baseball. It was Mellie’s idea to throw the opening pitch at the Game in order to get the voters on-side with her accepting the Republican nomination for President.

Liv went to Fitz and demanded an investigation into Cyrus and the assassination of President-elect Vargas. At Vargas’s funeral Liv exchanged a stare down with Cyrus; just to remind him that she’s on to him.

Next, Liv convinced Abby to have Jake prise a confession out of the suspect in Vargas’s assassination. Jake succeeded. David Rosen was so stunned that he went over to Liv’s office to snag some wine and spilled the beans about what had just happened.

The big reveal this episode was Fitz’s new love interest: ANGELA; the Black female Director of the FBI who is investigating Vargas’s murder. Liv coaxes her out for drinks so Quinn can pose as an FBI Agent and retrieve the burnout laptop from Jennifer’s cabin which was in the evidence room at the FBI office.

Huck manages to repair Jennifer’s laptop’s hard drive in time to find incriminating footage of Cyrus and Frankie Vargas threatening each other – live on security camera. Jennifer’s laptop recorded the whole thing. Liv seizes the opportunity to present the evidence to Fitz, who demands Abby contact the Attorney General to open an investigation into Cyrus.

However, we are given insight into a heated discussion between Mellie and Cyrus where he offers her the Vice-Presidency, which she declines gloriously by letting him know she’s on to him and his hand in Vargas’s assassination.

After hearing Mellie confess how incredible sex with Marcus was, and then observing Fitz with Angela, looking cozy on the balcony at the White House, Olivia realises she is so alone. She has isolated herself.

Jake loved her but he recently got married to further his Agenda and now heads up the NSA, and his Wife is a drunk.

Even Quinn is engaged now, and Olivia reels off a damning lecture to Quinn about how anyone would kill to get the chance to be normal – Charlie is offering Quinn the chance to be their version of normal. Olivia tells Quinn she’s scared but should just go for it and realise how lucky she is.

Olivia’s dream of Vermont with Fitz now a distant memory, we were left wondering how long it would be before Olivia goes off the rails with some random sex with a handsome stranger.