How To Get Away With Murder Returns January 26


After a couple months break you’ll be hoping to finally get some answers to the question of #WhoKilledWes, but Peter Nowalk and his team aren’t going to give it away that easily.

Thursday’s episode, titled “We’re Bad People” features a drastic change of pace and mood in the wake of the tragic winter finale events. With Wes gone, everyone is affected and paying a price in some way. You’ll see plenty of Annalise and her time spent locked up. Wes’s fellow students square off with each other and come together in their own ways, and don’t forget about Bonnie, Frank and Nate, who have plenty to contribute too. Laurel continues to be my favorite character in this series, and she wastes no time trying to use her advantage as the explosions’s sole survivor to drive what happens next.

The story doesn’t move at the usual breakneck speed, but a couple of characters are revealed to have done some things in the past which could change how the story unfolds in the near future.
Despite Wes being dead, he returns in some great flashbacks that aren’t what you might be expecting.

Courtesy of Spoiler TV