Blindspot Season 2 – Nor I, Nigel aka Leg In Iron


The remaining episodes of Season 2 are finally here after a mid-season hiatus.
Patterson is missing and Roman is loose, so Jane and Weller must find them before Shepherd does.
This episode came straight out the gate with action and suspense from the start.
Remember how the previous episode ended, with Shepherd (Mother) asking Roman to kill Jane, and Roman choosing instead to shoot her; albeit in the shoulder. Jane injects Roman with ZIP, straight into the neck to wipe his memory, and then drives Roman to the FBI for a full debrief.
Unfortunately, due to the memory wipe he can’t tell Weller anything.
Meanwhile, Patterson has been shot in the belly and is slowly bleeding out. Dr Borden, now revealed to have been working for SANDSTORM all along, carries her to Mother, where the pair take turns to interrogate her. Mother demands to know is the FBI are on to her, and specifically on to Phase 2 of their agenda. Patterson remains tight-lipped; even when Mother proceeds to stick a long needle into her ear, perforating the drum.
Dr Borden’s conscience kicks in when Mother leaves him to finish Patterson off, and instead he leaves her alone and heads into the brush to escape.
Weller manages to track Patterson to SANDSTORM’s location with Jane’s help, and after she explains she wasn’t in on it, Weller and co resume their trust in her to lead them to Mother.
Weller gets the surprise of his life when he flees to rescue Patterson but gets a beat down from Dr Borden instead. The two do a dance before Borden warns Weller and then runs off into the distance.
After the building collapse in the previous episode, several of the FBI Team were crushed and killed. Reid’s leg’s were trapped and Zapata has stuck by his side ever since he was rescued. Now discharged from hospital, Zapata makes sure he’s comfortable back at his house. He misreads her signals and leans in for a kiss, only to be chastised. He looks bewildered until she makes it clear they’re just friends. Ouch!
Weller goes to the hospital to check on Patterson. The thumb drive recovered from their previous mission reveals the blueprint for Jane’s tattoos, and a video clip on the drive shows Jane had an extra tattoo on her neck of a jaguar, which has since been covered up.
What does it mean?
What is SANDSTORM’S phase 2 and what could it mean for Weller?