How To Get Away With Murder – Whos’ Dead?


Oh My God. What an amazing, emotional, tear-jerking episode, and the perfect cliff-hanger for the mid-season finale. When the show returns in January, there will be one less member of the Keating Five.

Who’s Dead?




If you don’t want to know who’s body was pulled from Annalise’s burning house, don’t read any further.

In true HTGAWM style the mystery was solved, only to be replaced with another mystery! Who is dead now becomes WHY and WHO committed the murder? Let’s recap.

We continue with flashbacks and back story, but you know how the stories linger and weave their threads of misdirection and flash forward with little snippets of future story lines, this was one of those episodes. We were going to have to wait out the whole episode before the reveal – #WHOISDEAD

While at the hospital, Frank calls Bonnie, and she tells Frank that Laurel’s pregnant.

A.D.A Renee calls Nate’s phone asking him where he is.

Connor turns up at the hospital, much to Oliver’s relief.

The Coroner starts to record her findings on the body pulled from the burning house. Victim is a black male. Extensive burns…..

The back stories this week:

The students get their exam results, and all have passed. They have champagne to celebrate.

Cue Annalise whispering in the hallway with Wes – Frank’s gone. Wes seems relieved.

Asher answered Michaela’s phone call from her Mother – she’s coming to see Michaela. She left her husband and asks if she can stay. Michaela tries to convince her to live elsewhere, and they start slinging dirt at each other. Turns out that when Michaela was a baby she was found living in a disgusting trashy trailer, and the Mom reminds her that she was the one who rescued her.

Annalise goes to see Renee about the fact she is now sleeping with Nate in her awkward effort to make nice and end their hatred of each other. Annalise accuses her of stalking her; which Renee denies. Nate later goes to visit Renee and she confirms the DA’s office is not investigating Annalise. Nate asks if she hired him to get back at Annalise, and she denies it. Nate ends things, saying it shouldn’t get more complicated.

Annalise tells Nate the DA’s office only hired him as an investigator to get back at Annalise, and he’s the one that’s ratting on her to the Police. Nate denies it. He says walking away from her woke him up and he’s done being her bitch.

Wes later gets a call from his Attorney telling him to get down to the Police station.

Annalise gets drunk at home and starts burning the Mahoney papers from her boxes of files. She hears all the arguments she’s had with everyone echo in her mind. She calls round at Bonnie’s asking to see Frank, and says they’re all going to jail. Bonnie feeds her soup and hides the vodka. They discuss her sleeping with Frank, and Bonnie says it didn’t mean anything. They kiss, and Bonnie tells her to get some rest. She tells Frank the DA’s office is conducting an investigation into Annalise and he is the only one who can fix it.

Laurel and Wes get into an argument about Frank knowing about their relationship. Wes walks off.

Connor and Oliver talk, finally, but they’re not getting together anytime soon.

Wes goes to the Police station with his Attorney. Two Detectives question Wes about a body they found in the woods and then they ask him about Rebecca. They offer him immunity from murder charges in exchange for dirt on Annalise. He rejects the immunity paperwork, making amendments to it, and passes it back to the Detectives. His Attorney questions his motives, and so he fires his Attorney.  Nate watches the Attorney walk out.

Annalise calls her interns one by one and tells them to meet her at the house, and she’ll explain later.

Connor does the deed with Thomas and then afterwards, he brushes him off when Thomas asks him to have dinner. Connor says it was just sex, and not a date, then leaves.

Nate goes over to Annalise’s house. He calls out her name but nobody answers. He sees the vodka bottle on the floor and the fireplace stuffed full of papers, and then goes up to her bedroom but finds the house completely empty.

Annalise is sitting with Oliver in the pro-bono clinic and tells him she’s in trouble. Says he can help, and that they’re all in trouble. She asks him to hack into the DA’s office.

Laurel sends Wes a text message and then she goes into the house.

There’s an explosion.

Bonnie tells the Keating Five that its Wes who died in the fire.

Meggie comforts Laurel as they watch the news broadcast.

Wes had almost signed the Immunity deal with the Police. Annalise had left a voicemail on his phone while he was at the Police station. He left before signing the deal. We cut to the Coroner’s Office where the body pulled from the fire lays on the steel table. Nate walks in and asks the cause of death.

The sheet is pulled back.

WES is dead.

Nate goes to visit Annalise and tells her Wes was already dead before the fire.

Who murdered Wes?