Grey’s Anatomy – You Haven’t Done Nothin


Alex makes a decision about his future when it looks like he’ll be going to jail. In the meantime, Richard wants to know why Eliza is at Seattle Grace as victims of a building collapse are brought in.
Learning that she was being called to testify at Alex’s trial, Jo finally confessed to her former almost-fiancé that she was married to an abusive husband from whom she’d run away (and might have to again). Rather than put her through that, Karev decided — over Meredith’s strenuous objections — to plead out and go to prison for two years.
Amelia, she left a heartfelt note/ letter for Owen and then took off; but she’ll be back in about three episodes time to explain her indecision about having a baby with her new husband.
Richard was told his intern program was outdated, and Maggie started a whole campaign to save it – and his job.