Blindspot Season 2 – Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform

blindspot-tv-seriesAfter Jane discovers that Sandstorm is gearing up for an imminent attack, she risks everything to send a secret SOS to her FBI team. Only, when the message gets through to the FBI’s operational command, it turns everything she’s worked for on its head.

Mother reveals she set Jane up, and knows she would tell the FBI about their mission. The threat remains, and Jane was right to believe it was real, but its not going down when and where Jane suspects it to be.

Jane’s phone call to Patterson to alert Kurt and the others to Sandstorm’s plan to target the power grid is a trap. She’s drawn them to a disused building, thinking Sandstorm operatives are inside, and they all pile in, complete with bullet proof vests, but its a trap.

Explosives are rigged to detonate the moment Mother pushes the button, and she does, all the while regaling Jane about how she was hand chosen to join Sandstorm, and her childhood with her ‘brother’ Roman wasn’t as fractured as she recalled.

We are treated to the back story on Dr Borden; a volunteer running a clinic with his Wife at a Doctor Without Borders outpost where Jane’s body landed after her Team were all taken out. Mommie dearest shows Jane the room where she was tattooed prior to being dropped off in Times Square in a bag for the FBI to find. This whole time Sandstorm knew Jane was still working with the FBI instead of furthering their cause.

The new relationship growing between Dr Borden and Patterson is fragile. Imagine her surprise when she catches him slipping on his old wedding ring – the one with the elaborate detail Jane had described to Patterson when they were first unravelling the mysteries her tattoos posed. Jane had described the unique ring which Dr Borden now tries to hide from Patterson. She draws her weapon and says its clear now that he’s working with Sandstorm, and has been feeding them intel this whole time. That’s how they were always one step ahead of the FBI. She arrests him but the chase begins through the house, and it won’t end well.

The explosion Mother sets off takes out two FBI team members. Kurt was lured away from the op by a fake phone call which claimed his expectant girlfriend had been in a car accident and was laid up in the local hospital.

When Kurt learns it was a hoax, he radios Patterson and tells her to warn the Team that its a trap, and to abort the mission but the comms are down, and Patterson can’t get through.

Mother had set off the explosion; Jane tied to a chair, sobbing, thinking her man and her friends are dead. Then the fight begins. Jane works her ties loose and a three way fight between her, Mother and her brother Roman ensues, but though Mother and brother end up wounded, Jane dashes off into the night with Roman in tow.

Reade is pinned under a massive boulder. His legs are crushed. Naz sits with him, and tries to cry for help, tapping a pipe against a steel pipe to attract the first responders. Kurt turns up with the paramedics and they pull him free just before the whole thing starts to collapse. He pulls Naz free at the last moment.

When the show returns in January, it will be a different dynamic now that we know Dr Borden is an operative with Sandstorm.