How To Get Away With Murder No More Blood









The penultimate episode of this Season dropped some major clues about #WHOISUNDERTHESHEET   Let’s recap. 

Ana gets a visit from Bonnie. Tells her an anonymous source told the cops she set fire to the house and gave them all her other dirty secrets.

A week earlier, Bonnie visits Ana at home to tell her Frank’s back.

Frank quizzes Laurel about loving Wes. She asks him why he’s here, and he says he needs her. They argue about how he disappeared. He says he’s in love with her. She refuses to believe him and tells him to leave. He’s scared what he’ll do if he’s alone tonight.

Bonnie phones Laurel. Says he’s there. Ana says if he goes near the house she’ll shoot him. Keep him there or he’s dead. Frank charges over there anyway, says would that be so bad if he’s dead. Laurel coaxes him back inside her apartment.

Connor gets a verbal bashing from Michaela as she says Oliver broke his heart yet Connor ran back to him for more ill treatment. Michaela’s Mom phones her and Michaela ignores her Mom’s call.

Wes gets a subpoena – closed hearing – to say he saw Charles the night of the shooting. Plans to say he saw a guy who looks like Charles, or find his alibi to prove he’s lying. Wes suggests using his medical records from the time he was in the Psych Ward to get out of testifying.  Wes is subpoenaed to sit a test of his mental state and he passes the test. He testifies.

Bonnie calls round to Laurel’s asking to see Frank and says Annalise needs his help. Laurel tells Wes that Frank turned up, says he has to trust her. Wes says doesn’t trust Frank. Laurel says Ana’s protecting them all. Wes asks if Laurel told Frank about them. She says no.

President Hargrove meets with Annalise. Her Ex wants full custody and spousal support. Ana’s friend wouldn’t take her case. Ana offers to take the case.

Oliver gets a bunch of roses delivered to him at the Pro-Bono clinic from Thomas. Oliver is so over him.

The Keating Five circle the wagons at Annalise’s to discuss finding Charles’s alibi.

Frank tails the D.A. prosecuting Wes’s case to the hair salon so he can grab her; but ‘Miss Cameron’ the woman who paid him to kill Ana’s unborn child in the car crash decades earlier, turns up at the salon. Frank watches them exchange a payoff from outside the salon.

At the hospital, Meggie bumps into Wes while Laurel has her head on his shoulder. She says he should have told her it was Laurel behind them breaking up.

Annalise gets a visit from Wes’s Attorney who threatens to tell the Board that she interfered with his case after she slips the medical records to the Defense Attorney.

Michaela opens up to Asher about her challenging, damaging, upbringing.

Wes challenges Annalise’s decision to take Frank back. They argue, then get over it.

Frank calls Bonnie from Miss Cameron’s house. He says he snuck out and they are fine. Bonnie tells him to go back inside, and that its what Annalise needs. On the stand, Miss Cameron says Charles was with her the night his Father was murdered in front of Wes.

Charles Mahoney receives a pre-paid phone in jail, courtesy of Nate’s connections. He gets a phone call.

Laurel tells Annalise she’s with Wes. Annalise says she needs Laurel’s help. Laurel tracks down Nate. He’s working with the D.A. now. Laurel tells him Wes is in trouble.

The D.A. challenges Wes about his psychological issues. Wes says he knows what he saw, and that he saw Charles that night. Miss Cameron takes the stand. Annalise made a call to Charles in prison with the phone she slipped into his cell. The family paid her to lie and say she was with Charles the night of the murder. The Attorney shuts down Miss Cameron’s testimony when it’s revealed Charles received a phone call from her the night before the Hearing. Miss Cameron denies it, but phone records prove her house phone made the call to the burner phone Charles had received anonymously.

The case against Wes is thrown out because the family paid someone to provide Charles with a false alibi.

Oliver challenges Connor about loving him. He says Connor is damaged. Connor walks out.

Wes and Laurel talk about Frank dropping by unexpectedly. Wes seems jealous.

Annalise sends Bonnie to go home, and then she goes into the house. Frank’s inside.

Connor goes to Michaela’s to drown his sorrows, tells her they broke up again. Michaela’s Mom calls and Asher answers.

Frank says he begged Sam to tell her it was him, but Sam manipulated Frank into keeping quiet. He puts a gun to his head. Annalise watches him. Challenges him to pull the trigger. Bonnie walks in. Pleads with him not to pull the trigger.

One week later:

Annalise is pacing her prison cell. Better get ready to rock that orange jumpsuit, girl!

Bonnie at the hospital with Michaela, Oliver, Asher. They tell her about the unidentified male body pulled from the house. They ask who it was, and suspect Bonnie knows. Oliver asks if its Connor.

We cut to Connor in bed with Thomas !

NEXT WEEK we discover #whoisdead