Grey’s Anatomy The Room Where It Happens

greys-main-13We’re still processing this week’s episode, it was that awful. A liver surgery that has Drs Webber, Hunt, Edwards and Meredith all having flash backs to traumatic events in their childhood or earlier surgical careers.

Meredith has to explain to her suddenly much older children that Derek is dead. Cute little Zo-Zo is gone, people.

Hunt has to come to terms with losing a feisty female friend in his Army career.

Webber recounts a tale about someone who played the cello in a locked room and forbid the children to distract her unless it was an absolute emergency, and then she dies from pancreatic cancer, having been given just 6 months to live.

Stephanie has flashbacks to her childhood, and recalls perfectly a similar surgical procedure from a textbook that ultimately saves the patient on their table.

Even the  music was off this week. There was nothing about Alex Korev and Andrew, or any of the other storylines. WE were left shaking our heads and wondering what the hell is this episode about??????

Let’s hope next week’s episode is much much better.