How To Get Away With Murder Call It A Mother’s Intuition


The episode opened with the usual recap:

Oliver and his date kissing outside his door, Wes under suspicion of shooting his Father at point blank range, and Frank seemingly reappearing from out of nowhere to set up Charles Mahoney for Wallace Mahoney’s murder, leaving biological son Wes in the cold for the murder.

We cut to a sombre looking Annalise facing charges for arson and first degree murder. She asks ‘the evidence’ to which the Detectives respond – an anonymous source, and ask if she wants her Attorney now.

We cut to Wes being interviewed regarding the night of the shooting outside Wallace Mahoney’s offices. He claims that he lost his phone, having last seen it at the library that night, then lies and says he saw Charles in the doorway across the street that night but chose instead to cross the street to ask Wallace for directions.

Wes fills in Annalise on the events at the police station the next morning on Campus; and she asks why he lied, and did he realise Charles may have an alibi and the cops were trying to catch Wes in a lie.


A bitter Mother with three children who had exchanged text messages about killing her because she’s such a ballbreaker. The Mother accuses one of them of attempted murder when she’s found to have traces of antifreeze in her body, and which is now killing her slowly, and she is living on oxygen tanks to survive. Turns out she had bullied each of her children because she’s so disgusting to them.

Turns out the Mother drank antifreeze and tried to pin attempted murder on her children, just to torment them all for the hell of it.

[To be honest, the cases this Season have all been flimsy and a total waste of time watching.]

Wes and Laurel hook up later that day, and he tells her about his interview at the police station, unaware that Frank is lurking outside Laurel’s apartment while they’re getting horizontal. They talk about being attracted to each other since the first day in class but thought they wouldn’t stand a chance of being together.

Bonnie tells Annalise she told Frank things he didn’t take too well, and asks if Annalise is just going to wait for him to show up. Annalise is stuffing herself with junk food to take her mind off wanting alcohol.

We cut to an AA meeting where the President of Middleton University (and Annalise’s boss) is giving her story to the audience, mad with herself for being a drunk Mother who had too much to drink and then drove her car with her two kids in the back. The father has full custody, and she’s angry. In a bittersweet moment, Annalise gives her the number of a good Family Attorney and the two start to mend fences, which isn’t easy for two hot blooded powerful Women.

Oliver goes on his third date with his new stud Thomas and they get naked, only for Oliver to admit he’s pos. The guy takes it well, but then says it’s a lot to process. Later, Oliver confesses to Connor that he misses him, and the two kiss and get naked on Michaela’s bed. When she returns, with Asher in tow, and find the guys there, they act like they are just two friends hanging out at her place.

When Annalise admits to the Keating Five that sometimes she lies to them to keep them safe, she takes a seat and invites them all to take turns telling her to her face exactly what they think of her. Everyone apart from Wes give her a verbal slap. Wes says ‘you know how I feel about you’ and the weight of the words imply there’s a secret between them. How Annalise rescued him when his Mother was accidentally killed by baby boy Wes.

Annalise asks the Pro-Bono clinicians to find dirt on the client’s family business so she can win the case.

Nate passes Wes in the Court hallway on his way to catch a booty call with the ADA, Renee, and tells him to watch his ass.

Annalise finds Wes on her doorstep after class. He tells her Nate told him to be careful of her, and then Wes say he’s sorry he lied to the police. She advises him to say he saw someone who looked like Charles.

She says his Mother made sacrifices so he could live a good life without guilt, and they both owe her that.

Frank calls in on Bonnie at home and she throws it back in his face that they could have had something real but he was into Laurel and now she’s just Frank’s sloppy seconds, and then screams for him to get out. Church mouse ain’t so mousy anymore.

We flash to the present:

Laurel comes around from unconsciousness and writes WES on a notepad. Meggie says she’s been leaving messages for him all night.

The final scene: Wes, at the police station reading through an immunity deal. He crosses out a paragraph, and says it needs to be cover obstruction of justice and immunity from prosecution and if they want somebody to bring her down, this is the only way he’ll talk.

Now we know Laurel’s alive (and her baby) #WHOISUNDERTHESHEET ? ? ?

Two more episode until we find out #WHOIS DEAD