How To Get Away With Murder Is Someone Really Dead?

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterOoooh baby, it’s cold outside!

Annalise got her ass slapped this week when sassy sexy, younger ADA Renee Atwood (now screwing Annalises’s Ex, Nate) took charge in the Court room for once. Let’s recap:


Instead of zoning in on one character like previous weeks, we got mini reveals for all of them. Oliver went on a date, and the guy kissed him goodnight. Connor acted like he was ok with it when Michaela filled him in on the deets.

Michaela unpeeled a layer of her protective shell when Asher damned near forced her to admit she liked him too, and wanted to be more than a hook up. Things kicked up a notch but don’t go buying a hat for the wedding just yet.

Wes decided he was dumping Meggie because he’s getting her involved in things that are not good, and she confessed to loving him.

Annalise tore Bonnie a new asshole when she realised Bon Bon had done the nasty with Frank. Laurel had told Ana that Bonnie knew where Frank was all along. Only, Bon Bon, good girl gone bad that she is tells Ana that she loves her, and only went to Frank to get a taped confession to shooting Wes’ bio Daddy in front of Wes. But, Annalise shoots it down saying it can’t be admissible in Court.

Meanwhile, Connor gets all up in Wes’s face about not turning himself in to the Police, so Wes hides out in the study at Annalises’ house all day, skips class and acts all puppy dog eyed.

Nate bumps into Annalise outside Court and tells her he’s sleeping with Renee the ADA now, and Annalise doesn’t act bitter. Instead she wishes him well.

President of Middleton University, Veles tells Annalise that her licence is reinstated as long as she stays dry and continues to attend AA meetings, and doesn’t pull any more stunts.

The case of the week was so lame I won’t even recap it here.

Asher reveals Annalise phoned everyone and told them to come over to the house hours before the fire started. The tv news broadcast stated a man was found dead in the house but has yet to be identified.

Writers – y’all need to bring your A-game if you want us to keep watching so we can discover who is under the sheet,

The final scene: Asher dancing it out in the Dorms to loud music on the night of the fire. Michaela tells him someone in the house is dead.

We now know who’s alive but in just two more episodes we’ll know who is under the sheet.

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