Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peeks

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We’ve got the scoop for you – what’s coming up next?


and baby?

With the baby-naming controversy squashed, April and Jackson can now focus on more practical, day-to-day co-parenting issues. Upcoming episodes will find the exes tackling such dicey questions as, will they be tempted to give their relationship another shot?

“We are going to meet Jackson’s father,” Sarah Drew tells EW. Details on who is playing him or when he’ll appear are being kept under wraps.

Grey‘s has booked another April and Jackson-centric episode, which finds the divorced duo heading to Montana — and maybe down the road to reconciliation? “There’s going to be a Jackson and April episode, just the two of them,” Drew says. “We’re dealing with a case and it’s just the two of us in Montana for the whole episode.”

The Kevin McKidd-directed hour featuring their trip to Montana is slated to air in March and has already been shot. “It’s really lovely,” Drew says. “We’re really proud of the episode. It’s very tonally different than a lot of the episodes. There’s a lot of quiet, silent spaces where we’re just watching people process things. It’s intimate and very adult.”

ALEX and MEREDITH grow closer after his bashing of Andrew. So close in fact that Mer tells Nathan its over, and they can only ever be friends; despite the oozing chemistry we can all see between them.


Marika Dominczyk — the actress-wife of Scandal star Scott Foley has booked a guest stint – but we have no clue what role she’s landed.

Tessa Ferrer is set to reprise her role as former surgical resident Leah Murphy for an unspecified number of Season 13 episodes. As  you’ll recall, Leah was involved in a somewhat rocky romantic relationship with Arizona. The character last appeared in the Season 10 finale when Richard fired her for being a lousy surgeon.

Bridget Regan will guest-star in Season 13’s sixth episode, “The Room Where it Happens.”