How To Get Away With Murder It’s About Frank

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterThis episode we got flashbacks and flash forwards in a furious endless cacophony of revelations! Let’s dig in!

After last week’s reveal that it was Laurel who was pulled out of the burning house, we continue at the hospital scene. Oliver and Bonnie are by her bedside and Bonnie calls someone and says Laurel’s pregnant. Oliver later calls Michaela and tells her Laurel was in the fire, and is pregnant, and did Michaela know.

We get several flashbacks to Annalise losing several pregnancies, interspersed with how she’s spending her time now she’s suspended from her tenure at Middleton University.  A young Ana moving into that house with a fresh faced Sam by her side, eager to start a family, through to the first time Sam met Frank in prison and introduced Annalise to him to fight his case, pro-bono. So now we know the first thing you do after being suspended from your high flying Professor career is get a weave and get down – and drunk. In that order. Moving on.

Michaela’s prima donna crown slipped when she shut down Simon’s verbal attack about Annalise’s demise into alcoholism and her Southern put down stuns her peers. Turns out Michaela’s upbringing wasn’t so regular; she was raised as a Southern girl by a white Mother with a strong Southern accent, and must have worked hard to ‘escape’ her past, only for her real persona to seep out in a moment of fury. When Asher teases her about being a Southern girl and goes as far as mimicking a Southern accent she announces playfully that she’s dumping him. Moving on.

Bonnie tracked down Frank to thank him for killing her lecherous Father. Text messages Laurel to say he’s ok. Bonnie goes to see her Father in the Funeral Home, and then sleeps with Frank while they imagine a life together where they run away. Their comfort with each other tells me its not the first time they’ve bumped uglies.

The next instant, Frank’s vanished because he says Annalise will only send another hitman to kill him if he sticks around.

Annalise gets drunk and calls Nate with a cryptic message, saying how he’s better off without her. We cut to Nate in bed with the ADA and talking about how nobody can know Nate’s sleeping with her; and then Wes shows up on Ana’s doorstep and she asks Wes if Meggie is good to him, and he says she is. Next thing, Wes is telling Laurel how he has to break up with Meggie!

We get a glimpse into President Valez’s backstory – she turns up at Annalise’s AA meeting, surprised to see her go through with her admission of seeking help for alcoholism but it doesn’t last long as the two butt heads again.

Simon is revealed as the student behind the smear campaign against Annalise when his laptop is stolen by Michaela and Oliver hacks into it and finds the infamous ‘killer’ poster of Annalise. When Annalise returns his laptop to him and shows him the poster, she’s rather calm about it, which is disappointing and as she leaves his dorm room he asks what she’s going to do about it, and she calls back that it’s up to him.

The big reveal at the end was Michaela isn’t the one under the sheet – the news item on the television reveals it is a man who was pulled out of the burning house and is DEAD.