Grey’s Anatomy Both Sides Now

greys-main-13A patient waiting for a liver transplant gets the news the liver match has been found and her surgery will take place later that day.

Nathan learns Mer’s air con is out at her house and offers to have her come over to his place and cool off. He’s not giving up on her, is he? Talk about keen.

Amelia takes a pregnancy test. Mer catches her in a supply closet, and she tells Mer she’s pregnant but she’s only late and hasn’t taken a test yet. Amelia seems afraid to tell Owen; in case he’s not fully committed to having a baby yet. She later reveals the last time she was pregnant she wasn’t nervous about telling the Father as he was dead.

Jackson drops off his daughter so he can start work and Own offers to take her for a bit. However, the baby won’t stop crying and he takes Fatherly advice tips from anyone who will listen to him.

A dehydrated patient is in acute liver failure after she takes a run in the heat, and when it’s discovered she has a twin there’s hope, only for it to be dashed when it turns out the twin is pregnant, and can’t help as it would risk the unborn baby. Bailey has already promised the liver to her patient but then Mer and Richard plead to her to give it up.

Bailey’s patient says she won’t let the other patient take the liver, as she’s waited so long for a transplant. Bailey invites Andrew to scrub in.

Owen and Nathan bond over changing the baby’s nappy and they talk about the idea of Owen and Amelia having a family.

Maggie and Edwards bond over a difficult cardio surgery but the guy almost  dies on the table and is brain dead, but he’s an organ donor. Cue happy ending all round?


Amelia’s pregnancy test is negative, but Owen says they can try again.