How To Get Away With Murder Don’t Tell Annalise

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterIt’s getting hot in here! As the tension turns up in this compelling drama, the list of survivors of the burned down residence of esteemed Professor Annalise Keating smoulders in the background. Let’s dig in to this week’s episode:

Frank had a visitor at his Motel room bearing gifts – a canister of noxious gas. He paid in cash. We flash back to a scene where Frank takes revenge on someone we didn’t see coming.

Star of the week was Asher, but unlike the in-depth backstory focus given to Laurel or Michaela, Asher’s time in the spotlight was light. He was first chair in a hopeless case of a serial foster home student caught committing fraud via stolen credit cards and pulling out cash at the ATM, caught on camera, slam dunk. Not quite.

Turns out the teacher at the kid’s school was doing him, and got pregnant, and the kid stole credit cards in order to use the money to buy baby products, toys and future-proof his kid so it didn’t end up in the same foster system that failed him. When Bonnie got the teacher on the stand she ‘took the Fifth’ as advised by the Judge, in order to prevent perjuring herself. Doh!

Meanwhile, mid court case, Annalise is slapped with a shock from the Prosecution that her licence has been suspended, therefore halting procedings, but in stepped Bon-Bon to take on the case, with Asher in second chair. There was a moment between Asher and Bon-Bon where they remembered how damaged they both were  her from her Father#s abuse and him from the guilt of watching his friends rape a student while he stood by and didn’t do anything, added to that tension the fact that Asher is now hooking up with Michaela. Bon-Bon put him in his place, and moved on.

Annalise took her suspension news badly, and faced off the the President of the University who then shut her down by taking charge. Annalise was as stunned as us by being shut down and headed home for a carb binge, demanding Bonnie stock the fridge with chips, dip and anything with chocolate. Then, she went partying with her lesbian ex-lover Eve, who followed her home and the two started to make out. Eve stopped t and confessed she’d met someone real and who was available to her. Unlike Annalose. In walks Nate, just in time to act jealous. Annalise takes out her frustration on him, telling him he’s so patient, and standing by her, protecting her, and he loses it, shames her by telling her she’s an alcoholic who is going to die alone in that house and nobody will care, not even her Momma, when she learns how disgusting Annalise is.

We cut to Frank, aka Keith the janitor in a hospital where he makes out with a nurse just to steal her security tag so he can get into a hospital room and switch out the oxygen canister keeping Bonnie’s abusive Father alive, or noxious gas. He holds the mask over Pop’s face, all the time telling him how he shouldn’t have abused Bonnie.

Laurel got a wake up call, literally, from Meggie, asking if she’ll help organise a surprise birthday party for Wes. She agrees. When she’s avoiding Wes later she tells him, and worries she’s ruined the surprise but Wes admits nobody ever did that for him.

In unrequited love land, Connor is sowing wild oats, humping anything on Humpr, the app he and Oliver are competing for putang on, with Michaela wing-manning for Team Oliver. Not good. Moving on.

In flash forward, we learn the identity of the body pulled from the burning wreck that is Annalise Keating’s residence:




….and she’s pregnant….