Grey’s Anatomy Falling Slowly

greys-main-13Alex opened up the Denny Duquette Clinic and accepted it made him look community-focussed, which may help his case. He finds it frustrating to suddenly be taking orders from a Nurse.

Owen and Amelia discussed the big life questions; children and religion  – how can she have children if she barely knows him, as he doesn’t believe in God. She later tests him by asking him random questions about himself to prove they don’t really know each other. Nathan later pops in and looks at scans with Owen and they make small talk for a change without arguing.

Nathan suggests he and Mer hang out now he turned down Maggie’s offer of a date. She’s on the fence and declines.

Jackson is struggling to stay awake, now he’s a Father to a new-born.

Mer says Amelia’s never moving back in. Owen rides the elevator with her and starts complaining about Amelia  to Mer on the ride, just to get it off his chest. Amelia won’t let it go about not knowing Owen well enough to have got married so soon.

A trauma comes in, and Maggie and Nathan are acting awkward around each other.

Bailey meets with Andrew to advise him not to discuss the case with anyone. Everyone descends on the Clinic to support Alex on his lunch break. Even Richard comes along to help him look good in front of  a patient, but when Alex later uncovers a stunning diagnosis for a troubled teenager he insists that Richard take credit for the find.