How To Get Away With Murder – Always Bet Black

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterLaurel was front-and-center this week. Her Father is a millionaire Tech Firm CEO who pulls no punches. Figures his daughter would become a Lawyer.

Oliver’s jaw dropped when he arrived at Annalise’s home in time to catch Nate half naked in a post-workout sweat. Annalise is still going through the humiliating process of dealing with her mug-shot being plastered all over Campus. Oliver wiped her phone clean in flash back and then when he returns to the scene of the fire, Bonnie distracts the lead Detective so Oliver can casually drop the phone so it looks as if Annalise had dropped it during her arrest. As another body is pulled from the burning house, a Fire Fighter on the scene calls out that the person still has a pulse.

Annalise trades barbs with the Middleton University President who later takes a mysterious call from someone interested in removing Annalise from the Faculty.


Annalise’s latest Pro-Bono client is Toby Solomon, who left a prostitute to die in the street from a drug overdose, but not before taking a selfie with her unconscious body. He seeks her Counsel because he’s being blackmailed by someone who knows he did it. The new A.D.A, Renee Atwood, tells Annalise there’s no way she’ll get a deal for her client nor any of her clients; payback for all the times Annalise has hauled the D.A.’s Office over hot coals.

Annalise later outshines the A.D.A in Court by blindsiding her with testimony fabricated to make her Client look like a hero, thanks to Nate sourcing a prisoner who’ll confess to any crime in the hope of getting out of prison.

The A.D.A. offers Annalise a deal. Toby will serve 3 years in prison for the prostitute’s accidental death by overdose. Annalise has to go to a dark place to convince him to take the deal, but he does so.


While we flash back and forth, and highlight Laurel for the entire episode it leaves them little to do. Michaela suggests they head to Atlantic City after she is shown online photos of her Ex-Fiance Aiden’s new boo, complete with a house in Martha’s Vineyard and a huge rock on engagement finger. Michaela steals $20,000 from Toby’s escape fund when no-one is looking, and the Five head to AC.

It’s crawling with hot men, and one of them lights on Oliver. Connor drowns his anger in the slot machines until a guy who had just hit on Oliver approaches. They get into it, and the guy backs off. Back at Annalises’s, Michaela puts back the stolen money and attempts to mend fences with Bonnie who shuts her down about banging Asher.

Laurel goes to see her Father. They don’t have the best type of relationship, so this is huge for her. Of course, her Father knows she’s here to find Frank, and that gives him power. She has to sit through this lecture from him about family values because she wants to find Frank. Her Father slips out information about Frank. He tracked his internet address, and drops the bombshell that he’s aware she’s been leaving Frank soppy phone messages.

Later, Frank phones Laurel and asks if Annalise is sending anymore hitmen. Laurel hangs up, remembering what her Father said about the messages she’s been leaving Frank.

So, now we know Oliver, Bonnie, Annalise are not dead. Each week one more person will be revealed as being alive until one is dead – in the fire or otherwise, we won’t know.

Keep watching!

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