Grey’s Anatomy – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker

greys-main-13Maggie was complaining to Mer and Alex that she’d ruined work by asking out Nathan. Grey, a little too obviously, didn’t even want to discuss the matter. Later, after Nathan told Mer his “crazy” idea about being honest with her half sister, Grey decided that he should go out with Maggie after all. Only, on their date he should turn off the charm.  He admitted that he dreamed of waking up to find Megan alive and well, and Mer reluctantly confessed that in her version of the dream, Derek knocked at the door and apologized for being gone so long; he’d just lost his keys was all. Amelia, having been filled in by Maggie on Mer’s disinterest in discussing her love life, warned Mer that she’d move back in if Mer didn’t start being more supportive of Maggie; but when Maggie asked if there was anyone Mer was in to she balked at the question, and lost the opportunity to confess.

Arizona was awkwardly reunited at Grey Sloan with Andrew, who told her that his condition was “better than it looks.” Later, Andrew told her that he could tell everyone was mad at him for getting Alex in deep doo-doo and possibly prison.Arizona reassured him that she wasn’t mad at him, and he could still rent her spare room. Karev was so sick of being lectured by her that he told her to shut up and back off. Later, he promised her that he was going to bide his time in the clinic in hopes of getting back to work at the hospital.