How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 – There Are Worse Things Than Murder

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterAnother great episode this week. Let’s recap:

Annalise has no alibi for the night her house burned down, with one body inside. Her car was in the driveway all night and the police don’t believe she’s innocent.

The hour long flash-forward found Viola Davis’ mercurial law Professor handing off her cell phone to computer whiz Oliver and imploring him to wipe everything clean; seconds before she was arrested by police; her home/office ablaze in the background and a dead (though still unidentified) corpse being wheeled away via ambulance.

“Annalise is asking him to do something probably more drastic than he’s ever done — at the scene of a crime and with that much urgency. How he responds is going to be a huge indicator of what he wants and what he’s capable of.”

Oliver’s appearance crosses him off the list of potential flash-forward victims – one “survivor” will be revealed each week, until viewers know if it’s Michaela, Asher, Wes, Laurel, Nate or Bonnie who’s under that sheet.

Nate moved in with Annalise. She’d asked Wes to move in with her as she’s lonely, and hates eating alone; but he declined as he’s dating Meggie now. Nate moving in means perhaps Ana can reduce her nightmares associated with Frank’s M.I.A status. Turns out Sam was his psychiatrist years earlier when Frank was in prison. Wes later turns up on her doorstep with a pizza and those puppy dog eyes.

Annalise finds herself at odds with Middleton brass concerned about the University’s reputation in the wake of all those “murderer” posters popping up around campus.

Asher says he wants to be more than a “meat stick” to Michaela when they discuss their recent hook ups.

Wes and Meggie grow closer. Connor wins his first case in the student-led pro bono law Clinic-a death row prisoner up for parole for murdering her abusive husband.

Annalise and Bonnie convince Laurel to let them listen in on any potential phone calls she has with Frank while also letting the second-year student know it’s time to go see her father (whatever that means).

Frank places a call to Annalise’s burner phone, bloody and tearful, explaining he had no choice but to kill his former boss’s new henchman. Then he puts the would-be hitman’s corpse in a car and sets it alight. Meanwhile, Nate’s in the shower, oblivious, or is he listening at the door?

Connor told Oliver he still loves him, and wants to give their relationship a chance. Oliver refuses, Connor moves out. They’re going to hit a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings along the way, and Oliver will need to figure out who he is as a single person, with a new job and with this HIV positive diagnosis.

When the President of the University talls Annalise that she’s suspended effective immediately due to the negative impact on the University in the wake of the smear campaign against her, she flatly refuses and states her intention to sue them if they insist on her suspension.