Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Catastrophe and the Cure

greys-main-13Dr Alex Korev stood in the dock and entered the not guilty plea when charged with felony assault in the second degree against Andrew. Everyone took sides. Alex was out on bail  thanks to Meredith, and a party at Owen’s house with new wife Amelia seemed like the perfect tonic. Only it wasn’t.

Maggie let Meredith know she was going to ask Nathan out on a date. Mer worked double time to get Nathan alone at the party so she could warn him of Maggie’s plan, which Nathan used to his advantage, and then Maggie bailed. She got cold feet and didn’t ask him out. Instead, she asked him after work the next day, her gratefully declined, and she walked away, embarrassed.

Alex had a kidney transplant case go awry but Bailey intervened and saved the boy’s life. Richard turned spy and let Bailey know what’s going on at the hospital, and a solution to the Alex situation popped up. Bailey offered him a spot in the Denny Duquette Clinic. A bit insensitive we thought, given his late wife Izzie was in love with Denny Seasons back. Alex took the job. Anything to hide away from Jo and the mess his life has become. In the meantime, he hasn’t noticed how Meredith has been doting on him….

Mer decided she wasn’t going to take sides and invited Andrew to scrub in on a complex case. He was as stunned as I was.

Jackson offered an olive branch to April and invited her to move back in with baby Harriet while she recovers from post-partum surgery. April if adamant she can cope on her own, or with outside help. Jackson takes the baby home and makes a video call to April when he can’t get the baby settled. April sings a lovely rendition of George Michael’s’ ‘Faith’ and the baby drops off to sleep.