Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Undo


Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 opening episode didn’t disappoint. Read on.


Picked right up where we left off last Season – Owen and Amelia’s Wedding. They got hitched, and we meet up with the wedding party. Mer and Nathan are whispering in corners, Maggie’s made a declaration that she likes Nathan, which now complicates things for Mer, as she’s been horizontal jogging with him this whole time.

Jo calls Mer and is hysterical. She’s shocked that Alex beat up Andrew, when he was just trying to be a good man and support Jo.

The first case: Surgical Resident Andrew DeLuca is brought into the ER with Alex, and Andrew gets admitted, His face has been smashed in, and he’s bleeding profusely. He goes for a CT scan and it’s touch and go whether he is going to make it. Mer takes Alex to one side and she asks him what he did. Alex explains. Mer sees his injured hand and says he should lie, and when Dr Warren asks what happens he says he slipped in the rain.

Bailey is looking for Karev. Everyone is still at the wedding, so they are thin on the ground for consults.

Richard drops in on Jo after her frantic phone call to Mer at the wedding party. He sees the signs of alcoholism in her. Says he knows how that feels. Says he promises to help her. Before he can even make her a cup of coffee she bolts.

Maggie arrives at the hospital with Nathan. She has second thoughts about seeing how Andrew is doing because they have broke up. Nathan is surprised, as he thought they were still together. She explains that working together made it difficult. They go to Andrew’s room to check how is is doing. He’s unconscious. Maggie’s calls his Mom to break the news to her.

Mer tells Karev Andrew’s CT is clear, but Alex begs her to look at the scans in case he drops dead in the morning. He says he went crazy, he couldn’t understand his rage. Andrew was just trying to be a good guy. Mer promises to check the scans.

Jackson says Andrew needs surgery on his eyes. Bailey says to operate.

April is recovering from her labour so Catherine is fussing over the baby. She hints about what the baby’s name is. Her name is Harriet. Catherine doesn’t like it. April drops the bombshell that her last name will be Kepner, not Avery as she divorced Jackson.

Maggie looks at Andrew’s scans and reveals to Mer that his Mom didn’t know they’d broken up. Maggie asks if she’s stupid chasing Nathan when Andrew so clearly isn’t ready to give up on their budding relationship, or he’d have told his Mom. Nathan comes in and tells Maggie she couldn’t do much better than Andrew.

Nathan asks Mer if she’s alright, and she blows hot and cold, which leaves him confused.

Alex looks up Andrew’s chart. Jo walks in. Asks her if she’s ok. He assumes Andrew forced himself on her. She explains what happened but Alex won’t let her talk. He shuts her down, and says it’s the way she was raised, and they’re still over.

Jackson operates on Andrew’s eye. Ben tells Mer Andrew’s career as a surgeon is over. He knows who attacked Andrew. Questions Mer’s blind loyalty to him. She says he stood by her when she went through her personal shit.

Webber called Stephanie to check on Jo at the hospital. She’s packing her stuff and leaving. Quitting. Stephanie probes to find out what’s going on. Jo tells her what happened. Stephanie tells Mer she left Jo with Andrew. Mer is astounded, tells Alex that Jo didn’t sleep with Andrew. He was keeping her safe. Alex got the wrong idea.

Mer tells Alex the truth, and forces him to go to Bailey and confess he beat him up. Mer says he has no choice. He says he’s going to talk to Andrew and apologise first.

Richard stops Jo from leaving, catches up with her at a Motel. He says she’s not going to gain anything by quitting. He won’t let her.

Catherine tries to persuade April to change the baby’s name to Avery as the reputation of the name is grander. Explains what Kepner means – good people – and demands Catherine hand the baby over. Catherine refuses. Insists April should rest.

Jackson walks in and explains they’re going to hyphenate the surnames, Kepner-Avery.

Andrew comes round from his surgery. Jo is at his bedside. She apologises. She begs him not to tell anyone that she’s married to a scumbag who she can’t divorce because she’s in hiding.

Alex turns up in his room and Andrew screams for help. Alex apologises and then runs off.

Nathan comes round to Mer’s house. Andrew’s on the mend. Mer says she has to do something but can’t tell him about it. They sit in silence for a while.

Alex sees two police officers at the information desk. Mer goes to see Bailey and locks the door. Tells Bailey it was Alex who beat up Andrew. Bailey asks when she knew about it. She calls Security and says Alex does not leave the hospital. Maggie overhears, she’s distraught. The Police are handcuffing Alex just as Bailey arrives with Mer. He’s read his rights and taken away while Maggie, Richard, Catherine, Mer and Jo all watch. His perp walk in slow motion was a bit over the top though.

Maggie asks if Mer was just going to lie to everyone as the Police car drives off. Mer tells Maggie what happened. Maggie calls the sister card. Says she feels betrayed. Says she can’t trust Mer. Nathan turns up at the house. Asks what the problem is that Mer mentioned. He acknowledges there’s someone going to get hurt if they keep seeing each other but he feels there’s something between them worth pursuing.

Mer says she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Tells him they should drop it. Best to keep the past in the past, and to move on.

Bailey asks Ben if he knew about Alex. He says not for sure.

Mer goes to visit Alex at the police precinct and he’s in the cells looking forlorn. They hold hands through the bars. He says he thinks he’s going to jail for 15-20 years and never setting foot in that hospital again. She confesses that she told Bailey who beat up Andrew. She says she’s got his back.