How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 – We’re Good People Now

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-poster  The episode warmed us up for this Season by giving us a flashback. Not that we needed any reminders of the horrific mess that is the Keating Five. Not only are their grades slipping, they’re cracking under the pressure of keeping their dirty little murderous secrets.

Each of the Five had their own  mini flashbacks: Wes has moved on since his Father was shot in the head right in front of him and now has a new girlfriend (ribbing because of her name, Meggy, ensued). Connor had a tete a tete with Annalise and asked her to promise not to hire Oliver if he asked her, which she did, but then did a 180 when Conner fessed up to having deleted Conner’s acceptance to Stanford email. Connor forgave him but Oliver flipped out and ended things between them. Oh, and Annalise grassed him up about the Stanford deletion, but Connor was cool about it and forgave Oliver.

Michaela had a drink=drive issue and got bailed out and then called out by Annalise. Michaela called her a bitch, which Annalise deflected by calling her on her own shit. Bon-bon is still church-mousing it up in the shadows, with very few lines this Season opener.

Asher is still dorky and now broke since he Father offed himself last Season. Even Michaela doesn’t want to hook up anymore now he’s living in a dorm room. Oh Laurel got some highlights in her hair, or maybe it was all the sun in Mexico on her summer vacay. Hey. She was stalking Frank’s phone and wondering why Frank has ghosted on her since his Season 2 finale escape after shooting Wes’s Father in the head and speeding off in his car.

Annalise was asked to step aside and take a research position, given the shenanigans of last Season but made a plea to set up a Pro-Bono clinic for her students instead – which would allow her to continue to control the Keating Five and their mouths, in case anyone gets the idea to go the Police and rat her out.

The Pro-Bono case was a little chance for the Students to take on real cases and try them in Court. Their first case was a possession with intent to distribute charge for a man from Iraq, with a Green Card now facing Deportation for possession of drugs. The tension of getting him a stay of removal or a lesser charge wasn’t that great because it was obvious the Judge would Deport him, because he lied under oath to protect his daughter, who was the real person distributing the marijuana. At least they didn’t say it was for medicinal use for a change. That is so tired.

The one thing new about the set up this Season:

Someone has been posting flyers – a photo of Annalise with ‘Murderer’ plastered across it – around Campus and even left one on the whiteboard in her classroom. She seemed unfazed by it until Nate took his shirt off and massaged her feet into telling him. She brushed it off and turned him on to his front and worked on his shoulders.

It was slowly revealed that Annalise had a PrivateInvestigator tracking Frank. When the Investigator finally finds him he calls Annalise and as they are on a  phone call Frank comes into the motel room and offs the guy. Annalise hears everything and hangs up. Nate asks her if she’s alright and she says yes, and runs to the bathroom to get over the shock of what’s she’s done.

After the flashbacks finish we see an ambulance with the EMT’s pushing a gurney into the back. Annalise is in the crowd watching. People are taking photos and she pushes through a Police line to see who is under the sheets. The EMT shows her but it’s not revealed to the viewers, and Annalise screams. The camera pans around Annalise while she’s breaking down and it does a 180 until we focus on her house on fire!

Fade to black, roll credits.

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