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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Undo


Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 opening episode didn’t disappoint. Read on.


Picked right up where we left off last Season – Owen and Amelia’s Wedding. They got hitched, and we meet up with the wedding party. Mer and Nathan are whispering in corners, Maggie’s made a declaration that she likes Nathan, which now complicates things for Mer, as she’s been horizontal jogging with him this whole time.

Jo calls Mer and is hysterical. She’s shocked that Alex beat up Andrew, when he was just trying to be a good man and support Jo.

The first case: Surgical Resident Andrew DeLuca is brought into the ER with Alex, and Andrew gets admitted, His face has been smashed in, and he’s bleeding profusely. He goes for a CT scan and it’s touch and go whether he is going to make it. Mer takes Alex to one side and she asks him what he did. Alex explains. Mer sees his injured hand and says he should lie, and when Dr Warren asks what happens he says he slipped in the rain.

Bailey is looking for Karev. Everyone is still at the wedding, so they are thin on the ground for consults.

Richard drops in on Jo after her frantic phone call to Mer at the wedding party. He sees the signs of alcoholism in her. Says he knows how that feels. Says he promises to help her. Before he can even make her a cup of coffee she bolts.

Maggie arrives at the hospital with Nathan. She has second thoughts about seeing how Andrew is doing because they have broke up. Nathan is surprised, as he thought they were still together. She explains that working together made it difficult. They go to Andrew’s room to check how is is doing. He’s unconscious. Maggie’s calls his Mom to break the news to her.

Mer tells Karev Andrew’s CT is clear, but Alex begs her to look at the scans in case he drops dead in the morning. He says he went crazy, he couldn’t understand his rage. Andrew was just trying to be a good guy. Mer promises to check the scans.

Jackson says Andrew needs surgery on his eyes. Bailey says to operate.

April is recovering from her labour so Catherine is fussing over the baby. She hints about what the baby’s name is. Her name is Harriet. Catherine doesn’t like it. April drops the bombshell that her last name will be Kepner, not Avery as she divorced Jackson.

Maggie looks at Andrew’s scans and reveals to Mer that his Mom didn’t know they’d broken up. Maggie asks if she’s stupid chasing Nathan when Andrew so clearly isn’t ready to give up on their budding relationship, or he’d have told his Mom. Nathan comes in and tells Maggie she couldn’t do much better than Andrew.

Nathan asks Mer if she’s alright, and she blows hot and cold, which leaves him confused.

Alex looks up Andrew’s chart. Jo walks in. Asks her if she’s ok. He assumes Andrew forced himself on her. She explains what happened but Alex won’t let her talk. He shuts her down, and says it’s the way she was raised, and they’re still over.

Jackson operates on Andrew’s eye. Ben tells Mer Andrew’s career as a surgeon is over. He knows who attacked Andrew. Questions Mer’s blind loyalty to him. She says he stood by her when she went through her personal shit.

Webber called Stephanie to check on Jo at the hospital. She’s packing her stuff and leaving. Quitting. Stephanie probes to find out what’s going on. Jo tells her what happened. Stephanie tells Mer she left Jo with Andrew. Mer is astounded, tells Alex that Jo didn’t sleep with Andrew. He was keeping her safe. Alex got the wrong idea.

Mer tells Alex the truth, and forces him to go to Bailey and confess he beat him up. Mer says he has no choice. He says he’s going to talk to Andrew and apologise first.

Richard stops Jo from leaving, catches up with her at a Motel. He says she’s not going to gain anything by quitting. He won’t let her.

Catherine tries to persuade April to change the baby’s name to Avery as the reputation of the name is grander. Explains what Kepner means – good people – and demands Catherine hand the baby over. Catherine refuses. Insists April should rest.

Jackson walks in and explains they’re going to hyphenate the surnames, Kepner-Avery.

Andrew comes round from his surgery. Jo is at his bedside. She apologises. She begs him not to tell anyone that she’s married to a scumbag who she can’t divorce because she’s in hiding.

Alex turns up in his room and Andrew screams for help. Alex apologises and then runs off.

Nathan comes round to Mer’s house. Andrew’s on the mend. Mer says she has to do something but can’t tell him about it. They sit in silence for a while.

Alex sees two police officers at the information desk. Mer goes to see Bailey and locks the door. Tells Bailey it was Alex who beat up Andrew. Bailey asks when she knew about it. She calls Security and says Alex does not leave the hospital. Maggie overhears, she’s distraught. The Police are handcuffing Alex just as Bailey arrives with Mer. He’s read his rights and taken away while Maggie, Richard, Catherine, Mer and Jo all watch. His perp walk in slow motion was a bit over the top though.

Maggie asks if Mer was just going to lie to everyone as the Police car drives off. Mer tells Maggie what happened. Maggie calls the sister card. Says she feels betrayed. Says she can’t trust Mer. Nathan turns up at the house. Asks what the problem is that Mer mentioned. He acknowledges there’s someone going to get hurt if they keep seeing each other but he feels there’s something between them worth pursuing.

Mer says she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Tells him they should drop it. Best to keep the past in the past, and to move on.

Bailey asks Ben if he knew about Alex. He says not for sure.

Mer goes to visit Alex at the police precinct and he’s in the cells looking forlorn. They hold hands through the bars. He says he thinks he’s going to jail for 15-20 years and never setting foot in that hospital again. She confesses that she told Bailey who beat up Andrew. She says she’s got his back.








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How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 – We’re Good People Now

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-poster  The episode warmed us up for this Season by giving us a flashback. Not that we needed any reminders of the horrific mess that is the Keating Five. Not only are their grades slipping, they’re cracking under the pressure of keeping their dirty little murderous secrets.

Each of the Five had their own  mini flashbacks: Wes has moved on since his Father was shot in the head right in front of him and now has a new girlfriend (ribbing because of her name, Meggy, ensued). Connor had a tete a tete with Annalise and asked her to promise not to hire Oliver if he asked her, which she did, but then did a 180 when Conner fessed up to having deleted Conner’s acceptance to Stanford email. Connor forgave him but Oliver flipped out and ended things between them. Oh, and Annalise grassed him up about the Stanford deletion, but Connor was cool about it and forgave Oliver.

Michaela had a drink=drive issue and got bailed out and then called out by Annalise. Michaela called her a bitch, which Annalise deflected by calling her on her own shit. Bon-bon is still church-mousing it up in the shadows, with very few lines this Season opener.

Asher is still dorky and now broke since he Father offed himself last Season. Even Michaela doesn’t want to hook up anymore now he’s living in a dorm room. Oh Laurel got some highlights in her hair, or maybe it was all the sun in Mexico on her summer vacay. Hey. She was stalking Frank’s phone and wondering why Frank has ghosted on her since his Season 2 finale escape after shooting Wes’s Father in the head and speeding off in his car.

Annalise was asked to step aside and take a research position, given the shenanigans of last Season but made a plea to set up a Pro-Bono clinic for her students instead – which would allow her to continue to control the Keating Five and their mouths, in case anyone gets the idea to go the Police and rat her out.

The Pro-Bono case was a little chance for the Students to take on real cases and try them in Court. Their first case was a possession with intent to distribute charge for a man from Iraq, with a Green Card now facing Deportation for possession of drugs. The tension of getting him a stay of removal or a lesser charge wasn’t that great because it was obvious the Judge would Deport him, because he lied under oath to protect his daughter, who was the real person distributing the marijuana. At least they didn’t say it was for medicinal use for a change. That is so tired.

The one thing new about the set up this Season:

Someone has been posting flyers – a photo of Annalise with ‘Murderer’ plastered across it – around Campus and even left one on the whiteboard in her classroom. She seemed unfazed by it until Nate took his shirt off and massaged her feet into telling him. She brushed it off and turned him on to his front and worked on his shoulders.

It was slowly revealed that Annalise had a PrivateInvestigator tracking Frank. When the Investigator finally finds him he calls Annalise and as they are on a  phone call Frank comes into the motel room and offs the guy. Annalise hears everything and hangs up. Nate asks her if she’s alright and she says yes, and runs to the bathroom to get over the shock of what’s she’s done.

After the flashbacks finish we see an ambulance with the EMT’s pushing a gurney into the back. Annalise is in the crowd watching. People are taking photos and she pushes through a Police line to see who is under the sheets. The EMT shows her but it’s not revealed to the viewers, and Annalise screams. The camera pans around Annalise while she’s breaking down and it does a 180 until we focus on her house on fire!

Fade to black, roll credits.

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Cancelled or Ended TV Shows 2016



Nathan Fillion said, “[I’ve worked] with amazing people that I love so very, very much… [and] I’ll miss them dearly, but its been eight years since I haven’t had a plan for that first Monday after Comic-Con, when production on Castle traditionally resumes.

Fillion also confirmed that the Beckett- and Stana Katic-less Season 9 — had there been one — would have picked up after a meaningful time jump.

In addition to all 22 episodes from what would be the show’s final season, the DVD set also features two audio commentaries (Nathan Fillion and guest star Adam Baldwin talk “Cool Boys,” while Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever and writer Barry O’Brien revisit “Heartbreaker”), bloopers and a featurette in which the cast’s detective skills are tested by a puzzle room a la Season 8’s “The Blame Game.”

Castle vet Nathan Fillion is sticking with the ABC family, with a multi-episode arc on Modern Family. During Season 8 of TV’s No.2-rated comedy, Fillion will play “a local weatherman who gets involved with the Dunphys,” executive producer Steven Levitan shared on Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. His previous TV-comedy credits include Community, Drunk History and Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.

Katic can be seen on stage in White Rabbit Red Rabbit, a play in which each performance is a different actor with a new script, on Sept. 26 at the Westside Theatre in New York City.




Lifetime has chosen not to renew Devious Maids for a fifth season, just weeks after the Marc Cherry soap ended Season 4 on a bloody good cliffhanger.

As fans will recall, the finale revealed Gail Fleming to be the season’s big murderer, Evelyn and Adrian got a divorce, Rosie revealed her pregnancy (while concealing the truth about Tucker’s paternity), Carmen and Dani reconciled, Zoila got her old job back and Genevieve found new love… with a woman.

The finale then jumped one year into the future, where Marisol suddenly went missing — or was she kidnapped? — during her wedding to Peter.




The Bravo series’ fifth season will be its final one, per The Hollywood Reporter.
The upcoming third through fifth seasons will consist of 19 episodes total, which the series will film during the next nine months; Season 3 will be seven episodes long, while Seasons 4 and 5 will have six episodes each.
The network plans to separate the seasons with shorter-than-normal windows of time.
Girlfriends’ wrapped its second season in February with an average 660,000 weekly total viewers and a 0.3 demo rating, down just a bit from its freshman run and ending on a high note, with 765,000 viewers. The scripted dramedy — the network’s first — has helped establish Bravo as a destination for more than reality shows.




The HBO comedy will be ending after Season 6. HBO has confirmed Girls‘ renewal for a sixth and final season.
“Lena Dunham and her brilliant collaborators, including Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner, have given HBO a signature series of rare wit and intelligence,” HBO president Michael Lombardo says. “They are exceptional talents, and I can’t wait to see what Lena, Jenni and Judd have in store for the final seasons of this unique show, and look forward to working with them on future projects.”




Not even Grimm‘s magic stick can fix everything: The supernatural series will come to a close at the end of Season 6, NBC announced Monday.

The final season will begin on Friday, Jan. 6, at 8/7c.

In April, NBC shaved Grimm‘s 22-episode order to 13, which was the first signal that the drama might not be back for a seventh season. In July, members of the show’s cast told TVLine that they were unsure about whether or not the drama would be back — just like they had been many times in the past.

“We’ve been talking about that for three years,” Silas Weir Mitchell said. “Like, is this the end? We don’t know.” His on-screen wife Bree Turner added, “We’ve just always been very present and very appreciative and it’s just been a super fun ride.”

And because of that, David Giuntoli said, “It’s a gratitude season, not a funeral season.”



E! is not moving forward with a third season of the Jenner-led docu-series, the star confirmed on Twitter.

I Am Cait, which chronicled Jenner’s new life as a transgender woman, arrived in July 2015 to huge ratings — its premiere drew 2.7 million viewers and a 1.2 demo rating, on par with Keeping Up With the Kardashians — but slowly declined as the first season progressed; the finale netted 1.2 million.

By the time Season 2 rolled around in March, viewership had dropped off considerably; only 745,000 viewers tuned in for the premiere of what would become the show’s final season.



The Emmy-winning series wrapped its fourth season in June, but a fifth season had already been ordered by Comedy Central back in January.




ABC has cancelled the Hayley Atwell-fronted Marvel series after two acclaimed-yet-little-seen seasons.
The show’s low ratings, however, likely made a third season cost-prohibitive for ABC.  The Season 2 finale in March pulled in just 2.35 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating, hitting and tying series lows.

Agent Carter‘s first and second seasons — which totalled just 18 episodes — aired during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s midseason breaks.
Atwell will remain in the ABC fold, however as the star of the network’s new drama Conviction.

Atwell plays the brilliant-but-rebellious daughter of a Clinton-like political family, who is forced into taking a job as the head of Los Angeles’ newly created Conviction Integrity Unit. Along with her team of lawyers, investigators and forensic experts, she has two weeks to examine cases where there’s credible suspicion that the wrong person may have been convicted of a crime.




The Showtime drama will not be returning for a fourth season, meaning that Sunday’s Season 3 finale — which concluded with the death of Green’s long-suffering, demonically tortured heroine — was actually the series finale. Ddirector John Logan said, “[The decision] was made a while ago. The show, to me, has always been about Vanessa Ives and her struggle with faith. I knew, sooner or later, it would get to a point of apotheosis, where she would either accept her God or deny her God. Midway through [Season 2] – so, two years ago — as I was planning a third season, I realized, “Oh, I see exactly where this is heading. She’s going to have that moment, and the only way she can truly have it is at the moment of her death.”

So, in my mind, I began shaping the third season thinking about all the characters and how I could lead them to a place that felt like a fitting conclusion. And it was very difficult to do as a writer. I’m deeply attached to these characters. I feel like I created them, even the ones I didn’t, like Victor Frankenstein and the Creature; they’re real parts of me. Penny Dreadful Cancelled Season 4That’s particularly the case with Vanessa Ives. I felt like it was the graceful, perfect way to end her story and therefore the story of all the characters.




Freeform drama’s current seventh season will also be its last.

King made the announcement during a Facebook live chat with all five of the Liars — Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse — by her side.

The final 10 episodes will begin airing in April 2017. 




The announcement was made Thursday during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, much to the audible dismay of the thousands of fans in attendance.

In case you need a refresher: When we last saw the pack, Scott — with an ethereal assist from Allison — defeated the Beast, Lydia used her banshee powers to save Mason, Stiles was introduced to his “future career in law enforcement,” Theo was treated to a hellish reunion with his sister, Malia and Braeden worked together to defeat the Desert Wolf, Hayden and Liam reunited, and Kira left Beacon Hills to be with the Skinwalkers.

And Season 6 is already throwing quite a few curveballs our way: Not only did Arden Cho recently announce that Kira is not returning to the show, but we also have a new (potential) enemy on our hands in the form of Garrett, the latest handsome addition to the Beacon Hills High School teaching staff.




The decision was announced Saturday during The CW drama’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con; as you can imagine, the thousands of fans in attendance were not pleased.

TVD‘s seventh season wrapped May 13 with a bittersweet hour: Though Bonnie’s life was spared and Stefan got his long-awaited reunion with Caroline, Damon and Enzo fell prey to the nameless evil within the Armory’s vault, sending them on a west-coast killing spree.




Despite the series notching just 764,000 viewers in its February premiere, HBO renewed Vinyl for a second season days after its launch. The series centered on Bobby Cannavale’s Richie Finestra, a 1970s New York music exec trying to make a career out of the city’s diverse music scene.
In addition to being his third collaboration with HBO, Vinyl marked Winter’s third team-up with executive producer Martin Scorsese. The two previously worked together on Boardwalk Empire and the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street.



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